Lights Out is wonderful

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Before I begin, let me say my point of view is just the game mode:

  • We're not going to talk about issues the base game already deals with (tunnel, camp, etc)
  • We're not going to cover why Freddy can't be played
  • And we're not going to gauge if this is killer/survivor sided

This will be purely on the mode itself.

To me, Lights Out is a hilarious and fun game mode, and I want to emphasize GAME MODE. This isn't supposed to be exactly as tuned or whatever as the base game. Let me explain why:


To me, the lack of information on survivor side makes this incredibly tense and fun. Having to hear generators, teammates and the killer noises makes it incredibly unnerving in some cases and having little vision of where to go made it incredibly fast paced. On killer side, I probably could go without seeing gens since they start with some progression so you can hear that anyway. Plus, it's not hard to find a generator if it's being worked on. Add to the fact that there's no Terror Radius or Scratch Marks makes it feel like a real cat and mouse simulator and I'm here for it. The paranoia of looking around while on a gen for any sign of the killer has been really tense and enjoyable.

The fact I have to go off my own game knowledge and guesswork, on either side, makes this incredibly fun for me.

LOUDOUTS (Specifically, the lack of them)

I haven't had to sweat or worry playing this mode, even if I die/escape/4k/0k whatever. Everything is on a more level playing field, with 4 survivors pressuring gens and a killer relying on their power alone. Having to rely on loop skill and map knowledge is somehow a breath of fresh air to me and I can't really explain how good it feels compared to base DBD.


I will say, I haven't faced EVERY killer yet, but of the ones I faced killers like Ghostface are made for this sort of stuff, and Huntress without her lullaby is a force to be reckoned with, it's very fun. Hearing Pyramid Head's ambient breathing and Nemesis' footsteps is also amazing and pretty effective in terms of creating a panic. However, there are two killers I feel don't fully live up to this mode. Legion seems to still get notified of other survivors in their power, but I am not sure if removing it would make them EXTREMELY bad or not so I can't fully say. Xenomorph, while incredibly scary, can be found via turrets which do give off if she's nearby, but at the very least doesn't tell you until they're at the turret. Both things don't really need a fix, just doesn't feel as scary when they become too obvious.

SURVIVOR (Items and Generator related)

I think due to the nature of not having information, survivor synergy goes down and team plays aren't as effective. I'd argue the game mode needs specific, new items to help even the score:

  1. A game-mode specific toolbox with good charges/repair speed, and remove any toolbox that is more geared for hook sabotages.
  2. Bring back instant blinds. That's right, THOSE flashlights. Make it SPECIFIC to this game mode and have VERY little charges, maybe enough for one blind if done right. I feel like the addition of this threat can help with a few escapes since killer can already hear pain noises and such. However, make it a rare item that appears only once or twice in the trial.
  3. A better map. I noticed the range to see generators is smaller than you can hear them, I think that could be tuned up specifically for this mode.

As for gens, I think starting them where they're at is perfectly fine. I think it was a smart decision.

KILLER (Just in general)

Absolute. Perfect. Implementation.

Sadako having no lullaby, Deathslinger being able to aim before anyone notices, the stomping of Nemesis' feet, holy crap this somehow works so well. I had so much fun today because of the sound design and how this somehow works in this game mode's favor.

The ONLY thing I can say is the red stain takes the immersion from me, but in terms of balance I can understand it.


I love the maps chosen for this mode. I was a little bummed only 4 maps got in, but you guys chose three very good ones and one I'm mixed on.

Lery's is absolutely unnerving because of the walls, makes the red stain nearly a moot point and some gen placements near doors are SO risky, it's very fun.

Borgo is just a visual upgrade honestly. No red all over the place.

Yamaoka looks AMAZING with this darkness, it honestly may be my favorite.

Ormand may be the weakest to me due to the snow clashing with the darkness, making it visually strange (to me at least) between the white and dark. Not much that could be done about that.

Personally I think Red Forest would have been amazing if chosen, between the foliage survivors can hide with and the darkness than can mess with trying to escape chase, but I may just be an insane person to suggest it so probably a safe call not to use it.


For a side game mode, this is great. People are too hung up about balance and whatnot, if the game mode lasts x amount of time, if it's safe for new players, if old players will get bored etc etc, but I think everyone misses the big picture: As a side game mode that is optional to play, is it FUN?

Fun is subjective of course, and nobody has to agree with me, but a game mode as barebones and full of jumpscare moments like this is very fun for me. I hope this mode becomes a base feature for custom matches at the very least, because I could easily see myself pester some friends for a few rounds of this time to time.

And to top off this nonsense, here's a fun clip from today I will always remember:

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  • MechWarrior3
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    You couldn’t have said it better honestly. I wish people were more grateful for what we get. I am excited for this. I appreciate it too. This gives us a chance to try other temporary game modes down the line!

    Hint hint permanent 2v8 mode plz! 😍🥰

  • KoreWaPantsu
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    I had sincere and complete fun without any kind of frustration for the first time after I don't even know how much. The total absence of any kind of loadout is absolutely brilliant in my opinion.

    Raw gameplay is so fun.

  • Hexonthebeach
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    I do like the dark maps. The mode looks unfinished for me but I don't know what I'm missing.

    Flashlights and Batteries should be more essential in some really dark locations.

    Maybe I'm missing the loadouts, perks could be there but in a restricted version.

    I thought there are more maps included:

    Hallways with flickering or unstable lights in the Underground Complex would be amazing

    A night version from the Resident Evil map with colorful but decent lights. (I hope this map is included in the Zombie Mode)

    The swamp at night, with the ship lanterns and will-o'-wisps.

    Lerys was funny. A moment I was scared by my own silhouette reflected in a closed door. 😂

    The moving shadows from the fans are nice.

    And Borgo is still Borgo. It's very cool that it has custom lockers and pallets but it's my last favourite map.

  • ChaosWam
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    I'm not a massive fan of swamp but I do think it'd be neat with Lights Out.

    Also I'm not sure about the technical side of it, but if flashlights worked to lessen the dark around you it could be neat, though a waste of charges. Could become an item unique to the mode though.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    If I also put the issues you mentioned aside, this mode is fun. Especially on killer. I don't need to sweat, to think of perks and what not and still do well. I really enjoyed playing killer for the first time in.... a very long time.

    Even if survivor is a lot harder, I like it too. I have 7k hrs of experience and having to rely on that alone is a lot of fun. If you know the details of the game (like how long heals take, recovering, exit gate etc) you are rewarded, because you are more efficient. Map knowledge is rewarded and especially if you know how it looks from above as you need to picture it in your head.

    Also I was never happier to find a green map inside a chest, as this item has so much value if you can't see your surroundings that we'll.

  • SoGo
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    I agree completely.

    Shame that majority of people hate it because of the tunneling problems.

  • RipperX
    RipperX Member Posts: 31

    After 2k hours, this mod made me wanting to play DbD

    The "normal mode" is a meta fest, swf all over the place, insane perk and more, this mode is like the "root" of the game, a bare experience and i'm loving it so much, here skills matter, not OP perks

  • gyajoy
    gyajoy Member Posts: 47

    The major problem is that tunneling got way worse somehow.... plus instadown killers like Ghostface, Myers and Bubba aren't fun cause it gets too unbalanced.

    I'd say for the next time remove the exposed mechanic and equip the Speed Limiter addon by default on Bubba. I gotta admit that besides all of the problems, it was a breath of fresh air not having to deal with POP/Pain Res every other match. Neat game mode overall.

  • FridayNightPizza
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    I'm enjoying it more than the base game, it's so close to how I want the game to be and makes me wish for a full time hardcore mode. I'm in love with the simplcity of it, I think DBD can get a bit bloated with the amount of perks and everything that you have to keep track of in a match so it's nice to have all of that taken away. Everything I do as killer feels so much more impactful, gonna be gutted when this mode goes.

  • Chiky
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    tbh, I played 3 matches as killer and 1 as survivor and it wasn't my thing. I was really excited for it, but it didn't live to my expectations.

    As killer, i lost it after a match took over 30 minutes because 2 of the survivors were just hiding doing nothing, and I had no way at all to even try to know where they were... The other 2 matches were meh...

    As survivor it was just extremely underwhelming. I usually suck at chases, but in here it was like I was a god at chases. Got to a window? Chase won. Got to a pallet? Chase won. The killer hit me? Chase won. I lost because i was grabbed at the gen and the last survivor didn't bother to try to move from their spot to rescue me, and even then i didn't feel tense or anything, and gens are still as easy to do as always.

    I do love, however, that they are trying new modes. Playing the exact same thing for over 1K hours makes it pretry boring, so knowing there will be more gsme modes is cool

  • Princesse_nico
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    This mode is refreashing. I hope they make another with a full immersion from both side, not information at ALL

  • Hexonthebeach
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    Yes, I don't know much about the technical side either. Just liked it in other games.

  • Nomercyguy32
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    I think the sole fact that we don't have perks allows you to just...

    Take a well needed break from how sweaty normal matches can be. Having everyone playing on equal grounds is so much less stressful.

  • StarNZ
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    I read the comments of people saying how great this is and it blows my mind.

    I like the concept the no knowledge on gen progress etc but every killer I have had just camps and tunnels, its worse than in the normal game mode (which is still aweful with the new hook mechanic)

    The only thing this mode has done for my games is showcase tunnelling and camping but you can't see them doing it!