Lights Out is not fun for survivor

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Not having fun. Each killer feels overpowered. Can't get enough distance from killer being spotted when working a generator to a pallet or windows.

Seriously, not having fun.

Going back to regular mode.

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    They probably should have made a custom map and only allow one or two killers for this mode.

    I’m just happy that they are now willing to do other modes.

  • GeneralV
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    Well, there is one killer you can't play :(

    As for the topic, I like this mode as survivor because of the horror vibes. But playing killer is a thousand times better.

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    I've depipped 5 times 🤣 why do I play this game. I've pretty much decided to just throw to get the tome done and I'm out. I try and I depip, may as well not try and take the depip or safety pip. I've pipped only three times and they were just.

  • Pennywise
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    The event is okay, it is something different.

    I like it more for the event tome and as soon as BHVR start to make these small event tomes more grindy, which they always do in the name of maximising player engagement, I can't see myself playing these events. I'll enjoy it while I can, until BHVR sucks the fun out of it.

  • Crowman
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    It's not like it really matters. You can't drop grades and grades don't mean anything besides bp on reset.

  • Volcz
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    Its pretty bad, yea. There's the tunneling or the fact that being on a gen when a killer approaches is basically a guaranteed health state a lot of times b/c you have no time to go anywhere. Then you got people running Legion to nullify the lights out and help them find people easily.

  • BlackRose89
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    Ppl like that extra 1mil bp each month. I know I honestly get sad when I'm not able to reach irl 1 each month and miss out on the 1mil bp. Ppl just really enjoy getting alots of BP, that why ppl love cakes and bloodrush events. I'm still struggling trying to get legion and xenomorph to p100. As you said ranks doesn't mean much other than the BP and that why I think depiping shouldn't be a thing either.

  • Nazzzak
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    I just discovered in another thread that you can still progress the Lights Out tome through regular matches! So you don't have to worry about playing it if you don't want to

  • Devil_hit11
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    what is interesting about this mode is this mode was how dev envision dbd to be. originally, dbd was not intended to be a looping game. it was intended to be horror stealth game with scary killers ambushing you on dark maps. A casual thriller game with survival elements.

    Light out is exactly how original dbd was originally meant to be designed. Chases were meant to be killer favoured with occasional "Haha, I lost you moment". You can see clearly why dev did not go this route in the game. This might be a theory to why killer only have 4 perks vs 16 perks of survivor. In essence, killer were meant to be stronger at base-kit.


    I do not like this game mode. it is too random. almost anything can happen in the game mode and it is somewhat out of your control as survivor. The only fun aspect for survivor is juking killer with no scratch marks. Too bad you can't equip Iron will+Lightfooted. Other than that, the survivor gameplay is harder while being mostly the same.

  • appleas
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    If DBD was a party game, Lights out would probably be a good reference. No items and perks reduces the learning curve significantly so it’s easier to get into apart from a few tweaks

    If people play a horror party game, jumpscares are probably the reason for playing it. In fact if Survivor also had Killer POV in this version, it would be a really fun experience

    Some people may not admit it but core dbd has competitive elements to it (Bringing certain items/perks/add ons grants an advantage) If people play Lights Out with the same mindset as playing Core DBD, they will get frustrated. Given that the game mode is only up for a week, it’s also a good chance to go back to basics for regular players. Survivor players used to having WOO and holding W the moment they hear a TR may learn maps better and learn to make the most of the tiles they can see in the immediate distance. Killer players used to stacking regression or aura perks will have to rely on their eyes and ears to find Survivors.

  • humanbeing1704
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    I can’t stand playing against scratched mirror myers so yeah this mode got boring after 2 games since it’s just scratched mirror every killer with some quirkiness

  • solarjin1
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    it fun but very unbalance. im pretty sure the devs said new game modes might not be balance.

  • Zenislev
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    You can do the challenges in normal matches. Just saying.

  • tjt85
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    I think it is a fun mode, personally. Definitely brings back the fear. But the "fun" is heavily dependent on the way the Killer plays much more so than in regular DBD. If they decide to take full advantage of their undetectable status to camp hooks and tunnel someone out, it's an easy 4K for the Killer and there's very little the Survivors can do about it.

    I think they could make simple improvements to address some of the problems with it. Maybe Kill switch the Legion (because their power gives them far too much information). Maybe remove the notification for Killers when a Survivor is saved from the hook, so they don't feel incentivised to returns to hooks (although this would probably just lead to more proxy camping instead). Definitely remove de-pipping for both sides. I had my fun spoiled by some de-pips just because I got tunnelled out or didn't get enough sacrifices. There's no reason for this mode to count towards grade progression. It just makes games more likely to be sweaty. Maybe Survivors could also not bleed for as long as base-kit BT is active, so Killers can't track freshly unhooked survivors so easily before they've had opportunity to get away from the hook.

  • Nazzzak
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    Yeah I mention in a later comment that I just found that out

  • pseudechis
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    It was always going to be killer skewed just by design.

    Given the stark variation between lights out and classic DBD any baseline stats for lights out will be largely irrelevant to classic DBD.

  • Nos37
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    This, but keep the audio notification of unhooks. Just teleport the hooed survivor to a new random hook after the killer hooks them and remove the hook's aura. It would mean no camping and harder tunneling.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    It's almost as if survivors are supposed to be... Dead by Daylight.

  • Xernoton
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    It's not much better for killers either. All you need to escape a chase is one good window. You make so much distance that they have no chance to keep track of you.

    This mode is terrible for both sides. It's not scary but boring. Most of the time nothing happens and neither side has any feeling of progression.

    Chases are incredibly mind numbing because the survivor either goes down without a struggle or they escape after dropping a pallet / vaulting a window.

  • GentlemanFridge
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    I have to ask, how many times is this happening to you? This game mode is surprise hit galore, so you can either track with blood, or you abandon ‘chase’ and try again later.

    I haven’t had much trouble at all.

  • Xernoton
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    Pretty much every time the survivor has had something to work with. They just make so much distance, that you cannot catch up before you lose them.

    Sure you can try and track their blood but then it suddenly stops and you're left wondering where the hell they went. So you look around and during that time the blood disappears and they're gone.

    Playing hit and run hasn't worked for me either because they still managed to heal 30 seconds later. And when survivors manage to avoid you pretty effectively, then you're happy to get another chase in these 30 seconds. Maybe I just had bad luck as a killer but most survivors seemed to have a pretty good idea when I was approaching them.

  • GentlemanFridge
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    Maybe I got lucky, ‘cause I have been able to track injured survivors pretty consistently. Healthy ones are obviously much harder, but I’d just give up on that.

    They also definitely weren’t healing that quickly for me.

  • Venusa
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    I don't understand why they didn't disable pipping for this game mode. Ofcourse I lost all my pips cause you can't get ######### done as survivor in this mode... I hope my MMR isn't lowering because of constant loss...

  • Tsulan
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    Having a blast as solo survivor. The game feels like a horror game.

  • Hannacia
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    My biggest issue on survivor side is that when you actually see the killer its too late to run away usually. Unless you have juicy pallet right next to you.

    Otherwise i do like it. It actually brings the scary factor back and ive gotten jumpscared so many times. It just feels like quite often i get caught and all i can do is take a hit or go down if injured.

  • Huge_Bush
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    I feel like rather than lights out, it should have been perma-undetectable for killers and teleporting hooks. Seeing as it’s an optional, temporary mode, survivors wouldn’t get tunneled out right away but also have to constantly be aware of their surroundings.

  • drsoontm
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    Survivors realize soon enough they can exploit the complete lack of information and the limited field of vision of the killer.

    This mode solely relies on mind-games and stealth tactics. It doesn't suit every player.

    Beside, it's more for the fun of the horror vibe than anything else.

  • drsoontm
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    The best survivor who went against me usually have the time to do a few meters and if I come from the "wrong" side it's enough to vanish into the darkness.

    If I hit them, they can use the speed boost to disappear from my field of vision and make me lose track. It depends a bit on the map and the local layout. Lery's is kind of easier to find survivors in this mode.

    I feel that when there are only 2 survivors left, even with 1 gen remaining, it's very difficult to survive. Ideally, at least 3 survivors should be alive with one gen left to have a good chance.

  • CotJocky
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    I believe you are correct in that this mode is "more what the dev's intended". But the reality is no one cares what they intended. The game didn't do well because the game was "as they intended". The game ultimately did well because both sides at some point figured out they can severely dominate the other side making it satisfying. The bugs use to be funny too. This was a game you could have a good laugh with for different reasons. The whole "scary" vibe wears off quickly. If that was its only draw, no one would play this game more than a dozen times and uninstall it. People have played thousands of hours because they could laugh when they dunked on the other side. Now that they have nerfed survivor so many times, and buffed killers so much it's not as prevalent as it once was and is why the game is boring now. I can barely force myself to click "play" on this game anymore.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Fun is subjective and while I do think some killers can feel a bit difficult or 'unfun', overall I have loved the shake up this game mode has added.

    I haven't really played DBD since before the Alien chapter came out as I became bored and the game was feeling very stale for me personally. However this game mode made me decide to fire up DBD again and I have very much enjoyed it, with maybe a few sucky matches that would have sucked no matter what as the killer was 'one of those' kinds of players.

  • SMitchell8
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    Exactly the same. Escaped first match, been killed in the next 4. The atmosphere and players running around like headless chickens adds chaos. I love it. Will try killer tonight. Think playing killer will make you a better player given scratch marks and sight lines have gone.

  • Jaredleto1234
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    Killers shouldn't see gens, imo, they already have an advantage when survivors are injured.

  • itstofuuu99
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    it is such an L. i can’t lie. especially after 8 years of the game being out and this is the best they can do… just reeks of laziness.

  • fluffyloki25
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    I think you might be able to get tome progress in regular matches but that might have been a glitch

  • Marc_123
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    Played some games yesterday and i like it.

    I always thought of a raw mode with no perks.

    But the Fog makes it really hard and man are the killers silent as hell. At least i know the maps and where i am at when i come to locations such as the shack in Ormond or the Shrine. I guess for new players it must be really hard.

    Played against Bubba 2 times and you just don´t hear him until he is at you... pretty crazy.

    And having no perks is unusual.