For those playing killer, who are you picking for Lights out?



  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 4,179

    So far : Nurse, Doctor, Myers, Billy, Trapper, Knight, Good Guy

    The most difficult was Nurse because blinks usually need to bring you at the limit of the field of view. That leaves very little reaction time and good survivors can bamboozle you more easily.

    Doctor was the easiest thanks to his detection.

    Good guy has probably given a couple of heart attacks.

  • ChaosWam
    ChaosWam Member Posts: 1,256

    From what I tested it sure seems like it. I know huntress has her singing removed on the survivor side too.

  • Exxodus21
    Exxodus21 Member Posts: 1,170

    Cenobite and Plague have been my favorites so far.

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
    Atsuka_Anarchy Member Posts: 335

    Pig, Myers, Ghostie player on any mode.

  • M1_gamer
    M1_gamer Member Posts: 338

    i really wanted to do Freddy. but i cant. Freddy mains cant catch a break lol

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Played first game as Knight. Mixed bag. Survivor messaged me after saying how scary Knight and his guards were in the dark. Unfortunately, the guards and Knight were also pretty hopeless too. Playing without map of the realm meant patrols had to be super accurate, which isn't ideal when visibility is low, kinda end up firing and hoping. Then, the already useless guards chase for 4 seconds less because of no dried horsemeat addon so you have a smaller window to cut them off.

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
    GolbezGarlandGabrant Member Posts: 823

    I'm waiting for someone to play Oni. I just want him to rush on me before I even have a chance to react. Even a "drive by" might be startling enough.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Played against one. He wasn't able to drop multiple survivors in a round of demon dash but he was getting consistent single downs. He was able to get his all important first hit in early due to no TR.

  • FilthyLegionRevival
    FilthyLegionRevival Member Posts: 304

    Hope you don't mind giving my two cents on it but I somehow performed with Billy BETTER on Shattered Square on Lights Out than HAWKINS. Crazy.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,890

    For fun, I'd pick the bruisers of the group: The Executioner, The Nemesis and The Oni.

    The Executioner is especially scary in the dark, only hearing the Great Knife scrape the ground, or its gutteral bleeding.

    The Nemesis with the thudding footsteps and also the zombies which walk around as an additional obstacle a Survivor can collide into.

    The Oni with the roar and charge attacks.

    Shout out also to The Hillbilly, The Shape and The Demogorgon

  • North85
    North85 Member Posts: 111

    Trapper. Light's Out is a rare opportunity to really make survivors paranoid of every step they take, and yes, I 3-gen with Trapper on Light's Out, enjoy the bear trap minefield. C:

  • gothiclolitia
    gothiclolitia Member Posts: 38

    pinhead has been fun as hell, teleporting to them and they don’t know where i am is comical it leaves them all confused gotta admit it’s funny as hell seeing them run into walls

  • Kaitsja
    Kaitsja Member Posts: 1,684

    I haven't played much of the Lights out Modifier yet, but I've been having a lot of fun with it.

    Ghostface - 4k

    Trapper - 2k

    Twins - 3k

    Trapper - 2k

  • malnayil
    malnayil Member Posts: 5

    I got a 4k with pinhead. Chain hunt is fun in this mode

  • MarbleThrone
    MarbleThrone Member Posts: 297

    Xenomorph is a lot of fun in this mode. You're giving survivors an extra tool to detect you, but I think that adds to the tension. Especially when you destroy the turret with the survivor still being at a tile, not knowing from where you will strike.