Bloodweb QOL Suggestions


Bloodweb options for what it should target, so like perks, flashlights or toolboxes

Spend all bloodpoints and get max level you can option perhaps? it would save a lot of time


  • Chiky
    Chiky Member Posts: 647

    tbh, it needs a total rework. I had to get an autoclicker so i dont die of boredom wasting my BP...

    If they don't plan to change it, at least it should prioritize the items we currently have equipped.

    As for changes, we should be able to just purchase the items we want, even if they cost twice or triple. I have hundreds if not thousands of addons and offerings in my main which I will never ever use. It's just a waste of BP.

    BP 2M cap should also be removed. It makes no sense. I have to keep constantly wasting BP because i reach 2M and then I have nothing to use it for, so I just level up something just for the sake of wasring BP. We should have more uses for BP besides the bloodweb. Buying especific items is just for time convenience, but I would 100% pay 2M BP to purchase 2K shards.

  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 1,538

    I just wanna be able to say “Hey, I wanna dump in 500k bloodpoints. Prioritize perks and rare items/addons and offerings”

    Something to that affect. It’s better than what it use to be that’s for sure but still very slow.

    Behavior please LOWER the sound of the blood web lol. It’s way too loud 🤫🤣 I have to adjust my sound everytime I go into the bloodweb and then readjust if I forget my ears bleed from how loud it is