Are DC's really that common?

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Hello there,

In the past weeks or even months, many here claimed, that DC's are out of hand right now, even talking it is worse then it was back at the old Legion time.

Usually, many complains on this forum may be at least (in my opinion ofc) in some way valid. We may or may not always agree, but often times, it is a feeling of individual persons. How every individual perceives the game is of course highly subjective - but thats the nature of so many things.

There is one exception tho, and this is when feelings meets facts. So i started to investigate the fact or not that DC's are a major problem right now.

So since Thursday, i played every single killer (even SM and Knight) at least one game. The games i did not 4K (Freddy, Trapper and Dredge) i replayed. I ran the best possible perks and one if not the best addons, and most games went really bad for survivors.

My conclusion from this:

Hook suicides: 0 (besides a handful of "try to find the hatch buddy" attempts")

DC: 0

I am aware that roughly 40 games is not a large number, but it matches exactly on how i feel about DC's. I play on EU server, MMR is probably all over the place since i dont play much Alien, Knight or SM so MMR is not that high, but i do have a few killers with longer winstreaks against good survivors.

What is your factcheck? Is it just me being lucky or is it really only a feeling and not a fact that DC's are not that commen as many here claim? Or is the actually the Killer who is giving up in your games so often?

Kind regards