Please, please, PLEASE, do something about suiciding.


I can't anymore, I just can't. Playing (especially solo queue) as a survivor means that about every second match there is at least survivor that immediately tries to suicide on their first hook. Sometimes, if they realize they are playing against a killer they don't like (looking especially - but DEFINTELY not exclusively - at Skull Merchant here), they even try to actively run into them to get hooked, suicide and get out of the match as quickly as possible.

I realize that detecting suicides is harder than detecting disconnects, but the general solo queue survivor mentality has shifted so much to just leaving any match that's not going perfectly from the start, that it drains the fun from playing anything but 4 man swf. And that is hard to do at all times.

So please, DO something.


  • Slowpeach
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    The easiest solution is to simply prevent it outside of guaranteed hook escapes. You can't force people to play against their will but you should be able to disconnect on hook, while being slugged or carried without penalty. That's why people do it after all, they want to go next without penalty for whatever reason.

    I say let them. They can be replaced by a bot who actually wants to win. Most of the time I'm delighted to have a bot on my team because I know exactly what to expect and how best to use their strengths.

    Better having a bot survivor with one hook state then having nobody at all. Hook suiciding ruins the game for three other people at least and maybe the killer too if they wanted an actual contest though I'll grant some players on both sides just want their 'I win' screen no matter the cost.

    It's not even like they 'feed' certain killers like Myers because they instantly know when they are being stalked. They aren't an ideal solution due to all the cheating they do but they aren't that hard to beat and value vaults way too much in chase.

    Luck offerings, Up the Ante and Slippery Meat would need to be changed but those perks are some of the least used anyway and for good reason.

    Part of me gets the reluctance. They are concerned that people will disconnect en masse against disliked killers such as Nurse and Skull Merchant. Which is why I put the restrictions in there. Worst they can do is immediately run to the killer and deliberately get downed. Beats outright removing one player from the game. I say again 'YOU CANNOT FORCE PLAYERS TO PLAY AGAINST THEIR WILL'. The issue is that if killers are that disliked enough, the problem lies with the design team. Further some players need to learn that this game is not their personal torture house to torment four other individuals relentlessly.

    However I don't see it happening. The BHVR team makes it painfully obvious that they only play within their test groups and not out there in the wilderness and have no idea the cruelty some players (on both sides) enforce on others on a daily basis. Cruelty which would have real life consequences if they actually tried it against a human being they knew face to face. If they did, certain perks, killers, features would have been changed ages ago.

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    Adds bots for when people dc, adds a dc penalty so people don't dc.

    Stock in Hook suicides skyrockets.

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    I don't understand why such selfish people would take such a self-destructive action and deprive good players of their gaming experience. They are clearly not qualified to play multiplayer games. What is surprising is that there is no end to the number of people who do not recognize the fact that "chickens come home to roost'' and make a fuss that it is the killer's fault, justifying themselves, and defending them.

    What DBD needs now is for everyone to know exactly what the game can do without giving up the game so easily. What we need to do for this is to share and spread knowledge through the community or officially, and above all, to get rid of the cowardice that avoids recognizing defeat in a game where there are winners and losers.

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    I gotta ask: why did you write this gigantic post when you could have just said "remove the DC penalty"? That's what you're getting at. All this other stuff is just fluff. So why? It's just weird to me.

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    Rather than thinking about measures to prevent suicide, 

    More realistic to think about a variable power balance that can be enjoyed even in 3v1.

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    Getting killed is part of the game, but you're right. Nobody is forcing them to play, they did so by their own will and got salty they died although its part of the game. Then they raged and left the game they wanted to play, did play, but lost and got angry about it.

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    Because people go: What about this. What about that. The thought process is important and covering bases for why the idea is feasible and also understanding why and how other people think and how I came to this conclusion. I could go even further into covering more bases and I guess being really weird to people is sadly my curse. Really though it seems I can’t win either way.

    It’s also not as simple as remove the DC penalty because there’s conditions specifically so people can’t just DC when they hear the Nurse scream. Besides BHVR have already said they aren’t removing it, so maybe they might remove it if certain conditions are met. Scott did a whole more then 5 minute video on this topic explaining the same thing irc. Still no.

  • Ariel_Starshine
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    I'd rather have bots instead, I've actually won a lot of matches with them. A possible solution would be take away DC penalty or make it 1 minute each time.

    I don't care when someone dc anymore because we get a bot that's probably better anyway.