Will DbD ever punish laggy Killers?

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So far the answer has been a resounding no! Why are the devs so afraid of implementing server authority for hits? Or some other approach other than "hits being handled on the killer's end?"

This is the only game I play that rewards lag in 2024!


  • ReikoMori
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    Being particularly laggy in COD still to this very day can and does win you gunfights

    Being laggy in basically every fighting game that isn't using rollback netcode or poorly implemented rollback can let you take rounds of people.

    Hits in this game are in fact already handled by server authority to a large degree rather than purely handled on the killer's client like it used to be in the p2p era. If you're getting hit more often than not the server just didn't favor you in the moment.

    You should play more games.

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    Don't forget Oceiana, which counts Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands and parts of Japan/China/Korea (these guys are mostly VPNers, but I could be wrong) to name a few. IIRC the OCE servers are in Sydney (or Melbourne) so if you're outside of those states or even Australia you just have to put up with 80+ ping. Hell even within Australia with decent internet, I still have to deal with 75-150 ping, depending on the traffic on the server, weather, server/providor issues or multiple people in my house using the network.

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    Same, I'm located in the midwestern United States. For some reason the only two servers they have in the US are in Oregon (literally about as far north and west you can go in the continental US) and in Northern Virginia (on the Eastern Coast). No servers to be found in the whole middle of the country… I'm about 500 miles away from the Virginia server and have never seen my ping (which is typically around 20 on any other game) go below 60 before. I don't know if it's a money thing, out of the cards or what, but it shocks me how a game as big as this has so few servers.

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    Some Info / Explanation about Ping in DBD : They dont have High Ping usually when i tested gamelift.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com for example over some website where you can specific from which country. Russia lowest ping to central is 36ms and highest 65ms. And You need to add extra 15ms for interpolation. People from Arabia have the highest normal ping in DBD there lowest is 110ms and highest 130ms. With 120ms i think so far its triggered the red killer icon symbol.

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    It works both ways but yeah the netcode for the game generally seems ass. Unplayable from your own perspective if YOU'RE the one lagging, TPing around and everything having a delay, but from the recieving end you got Killers swinging from Jupiter on Sterbucks wifi and survivors dropping pallets they aren't even near

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    its about an equal split if you consider there is 4 survivors every match. I get hit from mars so damn often, I wish I could hit people from mars.

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    Actually really yes, you can't count how many killers lost hit by palletstunned.

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    My personal record was 11,000 ping. I entered a locker and got permanently trapped inside

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    DBD is the only game where low ping punishes killers and high ping benefits them. Makes 0 sense.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0
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    Same, and thanks for that actually. I knew my ping tended to be high, but wasn't sure why that makes a lot of sense… We need a darn server in Texas. While Kansas would be best for me, I think that Dallas tends to be a better place overall for the midwest as its a central hub for many ISPs already.

  • Dreamnomad
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    The "punishment" for being a laggy killer is dealing with lag. It is a two way street. Yes, as a survivor it is frustrating when you vault a window and get hit 6 feet on the other side. You know what is equally if not more frustrating? Chasing after a phantom survivor that disappears in front of you. It's the equivalent of random 3 second stuns throughout the match. If you can't beat a killer under those conditions then you deserve the loss.

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    Oh my, I remember first version of hit validation. It was so bad I went on like a year break… Getting 2-3 hits validated while having around 30 ping…
    Validation is still there, last week my grab got validated and I lost down for it, very annoying stuff mainly when my ping is usually lower than survivors.

  • Interocitor
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    At least high ping punishes Nurses and Blight, their powers get really wonky and almost impossible to use effectively when the ping is bad.

  • Sngfun
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    I remember one trial on Backwater Swamp where I hit a David with Leatherface's chainsaw, I heard his screaming, I saw the blood... and he walked away as if nothing had happened.

    Frustrating to the extreme.

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    As someone else from OCE, I concur. I always run 23-28 ping, but am constantly hit through pallets and windows. I consume hours of DBD content a day and know this isn't how it should be. I'm actually surprised when I don't get hit through a window nowadays.

    On the flip side, when I play killer, survivors get silky smooth vaults. It is super disheartening so be ripped off as survivor, and then also be ripped off as killer. 😪

  • Sngfun
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    Basic killer movement is unaffected… However weather or not a killer power is affected by ping is up to you to find out.

    Examples of killers that are negatively affected by ping:







    Examples of killers that are positively affected by ping:



    I am experimenting and researching, maybe I could make a tierlist based on how they are affected!

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    Oh fr, when I had really bad ping, before my family swapped internet providers, my ping was through the roof. I would vault a second-floor window on Lampkin Lane, only to be teleported back up to the window into the killers arms because apparently that's where my ping decided I had been caught, despite me being a good four or so seconds ahead of the killer.

    That said, nothing is more disheartening when I'm trying to vault a pallet or a window and I see the survivor just pause for a solid two seconds before vaulting, causing an injury or down.

    So yeah, I think there should be a second server in Australia, just to cover the rest of the country and take some of the burden off the server.

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    Yeah, Russia was just an example because I am affected by it. There are obvioulsy far more regions where no Servers are nearby and who get connected to Servers quite far away. I think the same applies to Arabian countries.

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    I've seen some VPN killers form Russia playing in OCE (checking their Steam profiles being in Russian) and have also played with people from India, Malaysia, Japan, China and Korea. I know this isn't unique to DbD, I also play League of Legends, Valorant and OW2 and the amount of VPN players is insane. They also tend to get p*ssy when "Australians don't play *right*". >.>

    Anyway, I agree that more dedicated servers need to be added to help people who are in more remote locations.