What do you think about The Cannibal? (aka bubbs)

RFSa09 Member Posts: 606

fun to play as? to verse? is he ´´balanced´´? tell me 🙂

(i think he´s really fun to play as and against because it´s so easy, but really interactive at the same time…. ok that match was pretty boring but still)


  • Bafugaboo
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    I have only ran into not enjoyable Bubbas. They play in the manner that many find not fun. So not good opinion for the Killer.

  • TieBreaker
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    Most of the Bubz I run into are highly skilled and flee the hook like they're allergic to it. So I find them fun to play against.


    Great run animation. I love watching him trot.

    Fun power to face.

    Chest Guardian / Real Estate Booba.


    Prone to face camping.

  • glitchboi
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    I don't go against him a lot sadly, but versing Bubba is always a lot of fun, especially a good one that uses his chainsaw in bold spots. I like outplaying his chainsaw in loops to make him run out of charges. I don't mind being facecamped by that little adorable goofball either (okay fine it'd get annoying if it happened too much).

    Playing as him is fun but he's too reliant on duration and speed add-ons. He should have Chili and Beast Marks' speed % base-kit IMO.

  • crogers271
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    Since AFC I've rarely seen Bubba. It used to be a slog to face him, but now the gameplay is pretty enjoyable.

  • GentlemanFridge
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    A non-facecamping Bubba is quite honestly peak DbD from the survivor's perspective. They're a rare sight these days…

  • BlightAbuser
    BlightAbuser Member Posts: 108

    Bubba is my FAVORITEEEE killer to go against.

  • Sngfun
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    Power is really fun to play against but him being so good at camping pisses me off. Most bubbas I go against try to camp and lose with a 3 man out, but the ones that use their power constantly are scary good.

  • Volcz
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    I'd say he's pretty fun on both sides, as long as he isn't the face-camping till they're dead type.

    I also barely see him anymore, think I've gone against 1 in the last month.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    I absolutely LOVE versing Bubba and my best match recently was one where the Bubba really wanted to tunnel me.

    The chases are interactive with mind games, he doesn't have an anti loop power like some recent killers and if you are half decent it is possible to have incredibly fun chases against Bubba.

    If I could verse a single killer every match it would be Bubba but sadly I don't see him as much as I used to.

    I am not very good at playing him but I think he can be terrifying in the right hands, an insta down power that can cover a lot of ground fast can be strong. But overall I would consider Bubba mid to lower tier with a very balanced overall kit

  • UndeddJester
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    Really enjoy Bubba's nowadays. They're almost always cool. Scary to face, and a real heart pump to loop… but mostly fair and reasonable, thougha little prone to getting done on the map RNG…

    Actually been playing him more lately. He is one hell of a snowball character. If the survivors don't give you a wide berth and try to be cheeky looking for pallet saves, flashies and alike, one false step and you suddenly switch a game from feeling like you're leaning on the ropes, sucking in air and trying to survive, to throwing a single punch, catching the chin and you're now swinging for a knockout.

    Lots of fun… but I'm really trying to work out how you play without Bamboozle… because it seems frigging dire without it… That said, the new perk Unbound might be the sauce…

  • pseudechis
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    A great killer.

    Really captures the chainsaw massacre character. Simple and brutal.

    Fun to play and play against.

  • Hexling
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  • Xernoton
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    I like to play as him, though he is no fun without at least the yellow chili. Such an addon dependent killer, sadly.

    My only issue playing against him is, that my eyes lose the ability to see windows in chase. I swear, he could chase me around shack and the window would disappear for me. 😂

  • 100PercentBPMain
    100PercentBPMain Member Posts: 490

    I love looping around trees and barrels And other forms of garbage. I find it amusing

  • GeneralV
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    It is an unpopular opinion, but I think Bubba was slightly overbuffed.

    He is not even close to being overpowered, of course, I am just not really a fan of the whole "charges" system they gave him when his rework dropped. I think removing the movement speed penalty while charging up the chainsaw and making sure his add-ons worked properly would've been enough.

    But I won't call for nerfs or anything like that. Bubba can be left as he is.

  • The_Yosh
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    1. I'm a Bubba main.
    2. Bubba is my favourite to play against.
    3. I run UW/NTH, Game Afoot, Nemesis, Rancor.
    4. I only chase, use M2, and try to mori endgame.
    5. I always regret not having Bamboozle.

    Unfortunately, maps are getting smaller, and pallet/window density higher. These changes mean playing off-meta Bubba is becoming less and less enjoyable. 😓

  • The_Yosh
    The_Yosh Member Posts: 145

    How to play without Bamboozle: When they start running to a T&L or Shack, just drop chase. You can only beat a survivor at these tiles if they make a mistake, but usually you will be forced to M1 at the window. This is a waste of time and there are plenty of other people to chase. 🤠

  • hermitkermit
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    I loooooove him. If I make it till EGC I often sacrifice myself for him because you have to keep your bubbas fed <3