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  • RaSavage42
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    I said bring back to 80 charges then make changes to Gen's progression and regression… even going as far as to Killswitch them

    Yea I am talking about Basekit… cause that's the biggest issue IMO

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    My hot takes:

    • Game should actually be balanced around highest skill level of play, because balancing it around lower levels makes it far worse.
    • Comp scene is actually much more fun than pub matches, people hating on it are just bad.
    • Quad anti-tunneling build survivor team is much more powerful than genrush squads.
    • Tunneling is not OP strategy, people are just way too used to giving up so fast and not learning game basics in order to win.
    • Aura reading perks remove game sense aspect from the game, but are not overpowered (NTH exception).
    • Saying that you are using Distortion just in order to know which info perks killer has is just an excuse for being bad at chases.
    • Old Ruin + Undying / Eruption + CoB were much worse meta than the current Pop + Pain Res will ever be.\
    • Sabotaging hooks and all perks, items and addons that revolve around it are extremely unhealthy for the game.
    • It's much more fun to play against a quad slowdown killer than against an Endfury + Coup killer

  • Yharwick
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    Probably everyone short of trapper, ghost face and myers. I don't think you have to run full meta although it obviously helps.

  • Shirtless_Myers
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    The amount of complaining about Potential Energy is ridiculous for a perk outright garbage without the bug. The downside of the perk is already massive as it's a waste of time and a single hit undoes the entire perk. Hopefully, they address the bug and buff it to have a use to be run at the same time as this game lacks real variety in builds.

    They didn't, it was no real surprise that they'd leave another perk to be in the dumpster.

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  • VolantConch1719
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    The only thing I miss from old DBD's aesthetics would be nighttime Coldwind, and that's only because current Coldwind (and Eyrie) are miniature flashbangs when loading in that my hypersensitive eyes need a while to adjust to. On the flip side, Dredge's nightfall has the opposite issue where it's so dark that it causes physical pain in my eyes (which, aside from not cringing at the graphics, is the main reason I don't miss the game's old lighting. Looking at the screenshots I have and trying to make anything out hurts and I have no idea how I managed to even play in the first place). And don't even get me started on Lights Out; I stopped playing it at 9 and had needles piercing my eyes until I went to bed at 2.

    Jonah's backstory is FAR from the worst. It's no masterpiece, but there are way worse examples. But because a popular lore content creator couldn't do the bare minimum TEN SECONDS or so it takes to do BASIC RESEARCH, everyone thinks he's a war criminal and has condemned him. He's not. Accidents aren't war crimes, and he was doing his job in a fight against terrorism, trying to decode where the enemy was. Not only was he 1. Not alone, since it mentions a task force (which is usually between 4 and 12 people) 2. Unaware that the codes were decoys until it was too late, and 3. NOT EVEN THE ONE WHO ORDERED THE STRIKE, he ACTIVELY TRIED TO MAKE AMENDS FOR HIS MISTAKE BY DISCRETELY SIPHONING MONEY FROM THE TERRORISTS TO THE SURVIVORS OF THE STRIKE!!! And the worst part about this is how the content creator's complete disregard for this has led to the spread of GENUINELY DANGEROUS MISINFORMATION that trivializes the atrocities committed by ACTUAL WAR CRIMINALS. Actually, no. The actual worst part is that, just a few chapters later, we got a Survivor who actually fits the definition of a war criminal so much more than Jonah ever could and remains immensely popular. You may have heard of her: her name is Ada Wong.

    Old Freddy, while being a lot more fun than the snoozefest he is now, was neither healthy for the game nor a faithful adaptation of his power. First off, Freddy has never once, in ANY of the movies, dragged people into the Dream World. It's ALWAYS the other way around (unless there's something weird going on in the comics). Then once he had people in the Dream World, his only power was… seeing their auras (and slowing their progress, which makes no sense, seeing as people in the movies don't even realize they're even IN the Dream World half the time). Oh, and he was invisible to awake Survivors, with no real way of telling where he was, while simultaneously being unable to do ANYTHING until people were asleep, which was NOT good game design on either side. Current Freddy is the most boring Killer to play, but he's a lot more faithful: Survivors can see him in microsleep, represented by the timers and his intermittent appearances, and he can interact with them (something he does very plainly in the remake he is taken from); He can actually manipulate the Dream World by placing his snares and pallets; He can actually teleport, giving him a sort of omnipresence within the Dream World. It's not great, and he could use more focus on being a DREAM DEMON with more Dream related powers, but it's better than being a Killer whose only power is being able to play the game as a powerless M1 Killer. I know the Freddy fanatics are going to come after me for this, since they don't like anyone DARING to dislike their precious little toy (that half of them never even played with), but you asked for controversial opinions.

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    The word tunneling means nothing anymore because people have so many definitions of it, that no matter what you do you are going to get accused of tunneling.

    You are waiting at the hook and chase the unhooked survivor instantly, you tunneled. You tried looking for survivors but found nobody so you come back to the hook when the survivor is unhooked to interrupt the healing, and down the injured survivor. You tunneled.

    You are about to leave but the survivor is rescued literally as you turn your back, and the unhooked survivor blocks your path in the doorway with endurance to protect the rescuer, so you wait out the endurance timer. You tunneled. You left to go kick a gen but the unhooked survivor charges at you with off the record to bait you to chase them. You tunneled.

    You leave completely and catch and hook another survivor, only to stumble on the previous unhooked survivor who didn't get healed. You tunneled. You left and caught multiple survivors, but you ended up catching one survivor 3 times after they were rescued and started back on gens, and now they are dead. Doesn't matter that they were healed to full, and had 3 chances. There is 1 claudette immersed somewhere who never got hooked. So you tunneled.

    I no longer care what survivors think anymore, in my 6 years of playing this game I have been accused of doing everything on this list and been called a tunneler by at least someone. If everything I do is tunneling, then I see no reason not to at least take the advantages that come with tunneling to win games. Now I avoid chasing survivors off hook because OTR and DS are incentives to not do that. But I don't tunnel because I care about the survivors feelings, I do it because my odds of winning are better not to chase straight off hook.

  • Sava18
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    Apparently wanting players to not be able to leave a competitive game that instantly loses their team the game is very controversial here.

    I don't even try and argue with people about it anymore because they don't actually put up an argument and regurgitate the same couple things.

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    Gen blocking is the most unhealthy slowdown mechanic. It basically leaves the survivors with nothing to do other than wait for the gen to be unblocked.

    WoO is a badly designed perk because people get used to never having to pay attention.

    Exhaustion perks are fine, some killers however are not. Myers and Freddy for example really don't have the time to catch up to a survivor that makes extra distance.

    DH is still a fine perk strength-wise. However, one of the most egregious aspects of it, the counterplay, remains the same to this day, which makes the perk just as infuriating to play against as it used to.

    4 slowdown perks are not the best build a killer can bring but on some killers it takes away pretty much all requirements to play good.

    The Game is the worst designed map in this game. If I wanted to play nasty as a killer, then I'd send myself there.

  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    We can either have the killswitch actually working, and being used often, frequent and very fast or we need to start banning heavily for exploits. We can't have both the Devs unwilling to apply the banhammer and not have a killswitch (I mean it technically exists but if its not being used on game breaking exploits then we can ignore its existance, its pointless to even mention it).

    Seriously, give everyone who uses exploits like a minimum of 2-4 weeks and simply ban 10-20% of them at random permanently so the sentiment of "If i get caught, whatever, its just a temp ban" will be crushed.

  • KTH
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    Gen slowdown perks should be disabled the moment a survivor is dead

    Legion is the most boring and bland killer in any way shape and form

  • Blueberry
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    Yeah I disagree on all those takes lol.

    Compared to most perks Exhaustion ones are way overtuned.

    Indoor maps are generally healthier design for the game than outdoor ones.

    Being able to remove yourself on hook should be removed

    Theres nothing wrong with slugging at all and we should even get more perks for it.

    There’s way less tunneling than people think. The majority of things people call tunneling isn’t actually tunneling, it’s just easier to make excuses than admit you or your team played bad.

    Kills are an awful metric for measuring game balance and hooks would be significantly more accurate.

    Balancing top down instead of bottom up would be healthier for the games balance.

    99ing gates shouldn’t be a thing. They should passively regress if not finished.

    Distortion is unhealthy for the game as it just further encourages stacking of all slow down perks.

    Base kick regression should be higher. Unless you’re running gen perks kicking a gen is very rarely ever worth it.

    The 3 gen mechanic shouldn’t be active till it’s at the last 3 gens. Having it active before this just destroys gen kick perks overall.

    Hex perks should be active but not light onto a totem to be cleansed until 1 gen is completed.

    Solo queue doesn’t need buffs, it’s just a skill and matchmaking issue.

    NOED is unhealthy design and artificially boosts bad killers.

    STBFL, Thana, Ruin and Sloppy didn’t need nerfs.

    Tunneling and swf boosts players to higher mmr’s than they should be based on their skill.

    We still need an early game collapse to slow the start of the game down.

    Male survivors should be quieter than females to compensate for the advantage of smaller female size for hiding.

    Endurance off the hook should give zero collision to prevent body blocking with anti tunnel features.

    Anti tunnel perks and features are used more often aggressively than they are for actual tunneling.

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  • LiveBritishReaction
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    Gates should regress if left alone for too long.

    Grim Embrace still isn't that good.

    Billy isn't that hard to play anymore.

    Clown isn't that bad to face.

    Neither is Knight.

    Demogorgon however is absolutely miserable to go against.

    Most survivor perks are actually totally viable, people just think they're bad because they're not meta.

    Jake players have big wieners.

  • kosaba11
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    I respectively disagree with a lot of your takes, but that's okay. What I will ask, however, is this - Are you a killer main? Cause, a lot of your takes feel like they come from someone who either doesn't, or never has played survivor. Like, most of your takes would make it extremely unfair or unfun to be survivor, and make killer even easier. So, I'm just curious - is this coming from the bias of a killer main, or from someone who plays both?

  • Blueberry
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    I play both sides pretty equally with nearly 11,000 hours in the game. They may seem to skew one way more than the other because I think there are more issues on one side than the other, it's not a bias, it's just high mmr reality. Bias would be if I just wanted buffs to one side because I played it more. I just want objective balance. I also think the game would be a healthier balance if it was top down balancing rather than what we have now which is bottom up, so that's going to sway my balance opinions differently than say someone who wanted it bottom up.

  • bleachlemon
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    Another take: Nurse isn't overpowered. She's good, but not OP.

    A good nurse is brutal, true, but there are many ways to chase and 'loop' (although it's far from typical looping) effectively.

    People love to complain about certain killers being OP and, again, some Add-Ons are harsh, but different killers requiring different looping techniques makes the game fun. Just learn how to go against them instead of regurgitating the same looping strat.

  • bleachlemon
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    Bleeding out for 4k and refusing to pick up/hook survivors needs to be punished more.

    The most viable and immediate counters I've found are Soul Guard + Unbreakable, FTP + Buckle Up, and/or No Mither, but the latter can just lead to slugging faster in the case of some killers (Oni, namely, although that's fair and shouldn't be changed IMO). Boon: Exponential isn't super viable as it is typically found almost immediately by the killer and isn't viable.

    If killers are able to down every survivor, they don't even need the map presence or skill to find the slugged survivors and can let them bleed out, which is all in all not a fun game (on either side). The many wiggle/unhook perks are rendered useless, and the killer (who is usually just grumpy or scared of survivors on no hook wiggling off or getting the unhook) is rewarded.

    You may argue that this is difficult for the killer to do in the first place, but if just one survivor in Solo Q with none of the aforementioned perks gets downed, it can easily snowball. Most survivors naturally don't want to just abandon (a baby Dwight) their teammate and another player to bleed out and will go in for the save, which (again, without the perks mentioned above) will result in a 2k slug, and then escalate from there.

    Yes, the teammates could just completely ignore the downed teammate and work on gens, but I feel like that is just 1) boring and 2) totally ruins and dumbs down the game by making people focus solely on objectives and nothing else. There is no way that is fun for the killer or any of the survivors.

    So, either slugging and not picking results in a boring bleed out 4k or the survivors opt to ignore any downed teammates and just repeatedly do gens which entirely defeats the point of the game and makes gameplay monotonous.

    I understand this in response to sabotage builds, but most killers responding to sabos will ultimately pick up. The ones that I've encountered who 4k bleed out were typically losing badly and see it as the only way to get kills or just got upset when one survivor ran Power Struggle. This has happened surprisingly often recently, and I really wouldn't have a problem if killers just picked up, giving people w/o any hooks a chance to wiggle or unhook.

    Moreso, you can't even get a cool mori out of it, because survivors are usually not on death hook or Devour Hope hasn't been activated.

    All in all, just frustrating and I wish I had a good solution.

    TLDR: bleed out not fun

  • Marioneo
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    Most maps have way to many pallets

  • BrightWolf
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    My Hot take, Huntress shouldn't be able to hold her hatchets indefinitely, she should have a set amount of time before her arm gets tired and she has to lower it. Also, there should be a longer cooldown between her hatchet throws, so she can't just stand on a mound and spam/snipe as a teammate goes for an unhook within her LoS.
    (Yes, I am in low MMR and have been against a few Huntresses who have done this and it is boring af.)

    Scratched Mirror Myer's is boring to go against, yes he is "weaker" and is perfectly fine when you come across him once or twice, but becomes incredibly boring especially when encountered several times in a row. I personally think that he should gain a TR (where his classic theme plays) once he had stalked survivors after a set amount of time for a few seconds, just so people are aware they are being stalked by Myers and they have a resonable time to react since he blends in so well on a lot of the maps. That way teh Jumpscare aspect is preserved but it isn't as annoying to versus.