Not a bad way to unwind after work

JPLongstreet Member Posts: 5,430

Watching Puppers loop a Doc for three gens on the old Coldwind. Highly recommended, miss him so much. 🐶💕

My phone making him into a force ghost on May 4th is entirely a coincidence I assure you.

If y'all haven't gotten the charm to commemorate him, here's the code:


  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 177

    Stay comfy. <3

  • Venusa
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    DBD players work?!?! What about our promise?!?

  • Shroompy
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    Ill always remember the game I had with him back in 2018 where he got adept Freddy on old Haddonfield.

    Didnt see me much because I was fairly new at the time and prefered stealth, so once he did find me I lasted as long as a juicy fruit.

  • JPLongstreet
    JPLongstreet Member Posts: 5,430

    He was sneaky good in either role, when he chose to serious up & play for reals!

    I think the addition of Head-On made the game much more fun for him, along with the cosplays.