Killers complaining about survivors quitting



  • Atsuka_Anarchy
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    Just a typical day in solo queue. Just like a high number of matches where nobody wants to do gens; it still boggles my mind how doing gens pose such a difficult challenge to a lot of players.

  • Atom7k
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    I stopped playing survivor because of survivors instantly quitting the game or killing themself on hook. Then I stopped playing killer because of the sweatfest swf comp situation we are currently in (+ bully squads).
    Overall the entitlement and toxicity in this game is on a dangerous level.
    I already saw lots and lots of people quitting the game entirely and even veterans and content creators are leaving.

    On the killer side however I did notice that in more then half the games the suvivor who gets downed first quits.

  • KazRen
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    I mean I don't know about the majority but I don't really complain about survivors quitting that much when I play killer compared to when I play survivor. In fact I usually see survivors complain more often than killer.

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    The only time I saw killers complaining about survivors DCing was when we didn’t have bots and DCs kept them from getting their adepts and achievements. A lot of them tried to pretend they actually cared because of the teammates but really it was that. Once bots came in and killers could still get their 4Ks and stuff I stopped seeing it.

  • ad19970
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    Yeah no I have seen enough survivors complain about this too. If we are going to actually argue that you can immediately tell whether it's a survivor or killer main complaining about hook suicides.

    And as a killer, yes it can be relevant. As I have already said, some people like to play out matches properly. How would it be if the losing team in Overwatch just always gave up as soon as it looked bad for them? And, sure, there might be a bit more comeback potential in Overwatch compared to DBD, but the difference isn't that big.

    Also, as a side note, but these forums have long stopped being killer sided. I remember when they used to be killer sided, but we've seen a big increase in survivor mains as well, acting like survivor is impossible to win with.

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    To be fair, killers in some ways do have more to complain about in some sense, as the bots have wallhacks basically. Their AI is not perfect to real human behavior, it can't be… so they cannot be mindgamed, and they see you coming even when you are stealthed. Flashlights? They nearly always nail the save if they are in range for it. The bots are nice for when a player Disconnects so the survivors aren't suddenly screwed and yes… removal of the DC penalty would just make a majority of matches killers vs. bots…

  • Nick
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    Did you post a survey somewhere? How did you come to this conclusion? The reason why I dislike solo q is because people instantly give up 1 in every 3 or 4 games. This is also what I read on the forums and hear from my friends. Why would you be annoyed as killer when people give up? I love it when they do that, thanks for the win, please give up when you cant handle me.

  • kaoraku
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    And what about those who are not?

    Also what the hell it is doing about the topic?

    And if a killer leave the lobby, or DC it will not ruin the game for 4 people, because nothing happens, you just que up again without losing anything (beside half a minute). Not even close to a player DC or kill themself mid game.

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    I've seen streamer complain when one of their teammates DC. Especially when its the beginning of the match.

  • Mr_K
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    Yeah it's both sided, but take the reply in context of OP's post.

    A lot of what you list are situation I've pressed ready on and guess what? I get survivors DCing in those matches.

  • Junylar
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    If a survivors who gets downed first quits, then it's probably not a bully squad.

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    Ive been doing that. Came across Papa John as well, the pizzer man.

    Also been working to get my MR up by grinding for Kuva/Tenet weapons, also trying to collect the Ephemeras in the process since I like the Tenet/Corpus look of them.

    I know this is really off topic but since DBD has been a bit of a mess with the UE5 transition, Ive been playing a lot of Warframe to pass the time.

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    You said this perfectly my friend..I’m not sure why people make post like this. Good grief.

  • VirtuaTyKing
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    So true. Without the other side there is no game. It seems difficult for some to grasp. lol

  • MoNosEmpire
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    Even if this is true I've personally noticed the following:

    Teammates DC so often now that it has no effect on the game whatsoever because regardless you're going to lose 60% of your games as a survivor.

    From past updates it's also clear that updates that help survivors also bolster the player capacity (as can easily be seen by checking the player charts and the corresponding update patch).

    I also think that BHVR has not done a good job at updating the perks the first time around and it needs a second looking into. Maybe this time they could also change the game so being faster than the killer/survivor is not the main priority to create a build around for both sides and they could introduce an entirely new aspect to this. Not only will this bring a lot of players back, it would make the game fresh again.

    We're currently down to 28k-31k players worldwide so I know I'm not the only one with this sentiment. I have other ideas but I'll leave it at that, for now.

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    i have seen so many killer try to force a 3v1 instead of a 4v1 in the first 3 minutes of the game basically acting like it a 1v1 all game trying to gain the biggest advantage of all time so no one is going to willing play in a match that the killer try to make 80% harder it just easier to go next them have the entire match be taken hostage with in 3 minutes it just sad it way to easy to come back from loosing as killer and take no effort at all i mean if killer trying to tunnel some out every gme why no jut mke new 1v1 mode nd bnne them from ply regularly mode if they feel the game to hard from them because they can't looses a match so they play the easiest straits boosting their mmr higher and higher because they don't want to ,loose them complain that they need to tunnel to win it just sad nd almost every game is like this now because of certain people using tunneling nd calling it skill whed it the most BRAIN DEAD plays in dbd we all know it as kiler it now about playing the game it trying to win at any cost usiong any type of strat even if the strat it doning some that trying to forgo and entire mechanic such as hatch why would their be hatch if killer can force it not to spawn becuase they feel like they ned a 4k every game they try to call it Strat but in relality if jsut don't want to put ny affort into winning and most killer don't really put effort in t all they hold w and BL untill down no mind game just w the entire game no wonder dbd is getting boring

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    anecdotally, i scanned the first couple pages of these forums and there were:

    • 3 threads complaining about survivors ragequitting, from a killer perspective
    • 1 thread complaining about it, from a survivor perspective
    • 1 thread complaining about it, from a more neutral perspective
    • 1 thread that mentions rage quits, but only in passing in order to complain about something else

    moreover, the 3 threads from the killer perspective had more posts in them and were in the front page, whereas the ones from other perspectives were on the second page, implying non-killer perspectives got less engagement. whether that engagement was agreement or disagreement is undetermined, however, I couldn't be bothered to spend more than ~5 minutes on this

  • justadreampallet
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    no if I wanted to power trip I would go on custom and give them all no mither. It’s just boring cause the ai is not like a survivor and you can’t really trick it. You just keep going till you hit it. With a survivor you have to keep mind gaming the other side to get a hit or go dodge a hit.

  • justadreampallet
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    I play killer almost 99% of games but I’ll say most games no one dc’s. Maybe one or 2 every 12 games. And that’s mostly when I play a killer I’m better at. I’m guessing the survivors who dc just want to win and getting hooked once is to bad for them so they quit. It’s boring going agenst a bot. If your a dcer please explain why me hooking you or doing something along that makes you lose the game for your team

  • SpitefulHateful
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    I don't complain, really. If a survivor quits because they were acting up all game, but decided it was illegal for me to down them, I feel nothing for them. If they quit out of frustration, I get it. I'm not that worried for other survivors, because, from my time as a Solo Q survivor, my so-called teammates were disgusting, toxic, and verbally abusive players ever. It's not wise to rely on other players in the first place. And with bot replacements introduced, nothing of value is lost.

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    Well, it's annoying for two reasons. I feel bad for their teammates and I get annoyed by boring chases with bot.
    I don't think that's difficult to understand. At the same time I really don't like when anyone DC even while playing survivor. Doesn't matter if it is my teammate or killer.

    Learn to control your emotions and if you don't like the game, then take a break.
    It's pathetic how many times I have seen survivor DC few seconds before dying on hook. Just why?