Final Fantasy


Pleaseeeee consider adding Final Fantasy one of these years 😭 a Sephiroth mori would be incredible
And all of the potential skins!!! Tifa, Aerith, Rinoa, Rikku, Yuna, Cloud, Titus, Squall, Auron, etc
Killer skins like Shinra and Jecht and Seymour, or even some of the monsters from any of the FF series
And chocobo charms 😍

The amount of money I would be willing to spend on chapters and packages that included these is just downright embarrassing.


  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
    GolbezGarlandGabrant Member Posts: 868

    I always thought it'd be cool to have Dredge in one of Jenova's or Hojo's forms or Yui as Lightning. Even Kate as Terra would be pretty cute.

    Also the mascots like Chocobos, Tonberries, Cactuars and the like.

  • Rokku_Rorru
    Rokku_Rorru Member Posts: 950

    That would be really fun, especially the FF's with horror elements like FF7

  • BlightedTrapper
    BlightedTrapper Member Posts: 332

    I think Sephiroth is far too much of a departure from horror. May as well add Shao Kahn or Ganondorf at that point.

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,325

    I don't think Square Enix would be OK with Tifa and Aerith hanging from hooks and getting their guts ripped out. They're more likely to become Fortnite skins than to appear in a game like DBD.