Why do yall do this


Why yall run meta builds? Like, im tryna have fun after a long day in class and I decide to be a little goofy. But God forbid theirs people like (Steve players) who wanna take a massive turd on me with their meta builds. What happened to having fun bro, are yall that bad that u run meta builds. Get creative instead of taking ideas.


  • jotaro
    jotaro Member Posts: 173

    real, i cant play one game without meta perks no matter which role i play. If i try to goof around i just lose when the killer tunnels or survivors genrush and tbag at gates

  • squbax
    squbax Member Posts: 1,345

    The meta exists in every multiplayer and some single player games, its normal. You cannot stop people from wanting to win, the fact that you play goofy and want to mess around doesnt mean everyone shares that view.

    Its like going into a football match just wanting to do flashy plays and complaining the enemy team is playing to win. Much like you have the freedom to goof around other people have the freedom to play seriously.

    And I am saying this as someone who tends to play off meta, you are the one choosing your build you cannot force people to run what you like them to run.

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,017

    Some people find it fun to win games.

  • Grumblephant
    Grumblephant Member Posts: 73

    I hate to say it, but it's the same case of "it's their game, they can play how they want." Some people have fun playing normally, while others get their kicks from making others as miserable as possible.

    I feel your pain, I do. I wanna play all hexes and I get people who just BNP, PT, etc, and games over before I even get a hook.

    Even on the survivor side, I get it. I wanna hunt totems and I'll get a Ghost Face who slugs and then t-bags till I bleed out. It's just how people wanna play.

  • Manslaughter
    Manslaughter Member Posts: 35

    I agree man, I had just tried playing a goofy hag build and I got a bully squad with flashlights, I didn't run lightborn cause its a waste of a slot in my opinion and of course they were all on their hands and knees for me too chase them. And 2 of em brought meta. I understand you wanna win but still like, at least have some creativity.

  • Neaxolotl
    Neaxolotl Member Posts: 591

    This is PvP game and people play for win, pure and simple

  • Manslaughter
    Manslaughter Member Posts: 35

    I understand that, I mean a wins a win but like. Seriously, do they gotta do it all the time. And when I'm not even tryna win but have a good time they wanna do it. When I'm actually trying I get babies in my servers but when I don't try I get p100 Leon's and Steve's. It's annoying

  • duygu
    duygu Member Posts: 323

    cuz theres no separation of ranked and casual queue and losing to things outside your control isnt fun

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,686

    Play with meme perks —> get paired with meta users

    Get destroyed and decide to use meta perks —> get paired with meme users

    The meme users get destroyed and then decide to use meta perks

    It's a cycle.

    I would like to play with and against more memey builds but I can understand why people don't. Yes they got paired up with while you were memeing and it sucks, but next game they might have gotten a tunnelling quad slow down Blight and I don't think they'd have any fun if they instead brought Diversion or Scene Partner to that game.