Please, please, please bring back Chaos Shuffle

Nebula Member Posts: 1,394

This game feels absolutely miserable to play in its base mode now. Just make the game mode permanent. I beg you.


  • Spirit_IsTheBest
    Spirit_IsTheBest Member Posts: 827

    I agree, I had a lot of fun with it, and it felt a lot more casual since we all get to run perks were not used to, and not having to go up against the same boring meta for both sides is a lot more enjoyable, I really want Chaos Shuffle back.

  • bearr_trap
    bearr_trap Member Posts: 120

    I may or may not hit Esc when the game starts to see my 'Chaos' perks.

  • Eleghost
    Eleghost Member Posts: 1,074

    It was a lot of fun, probably why they extended the mode. Really wish it were still around. better than dealing with the meta perk builds everyone runs.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,995

    I have no doubt it'll be a regular thing every now and then. It seemed to be really popular. I loved it and even got to the point where sometimes I'd have completed a gen before realising I hadn't even looked at what perks I got lol I feel like it was good for natural skill growth