How do you play around Mage Hand?

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Genuine question. Are you supposed to pre-drop the 1st pallet and hope they instantly pick it up for you to hold W to the next loop while it's on cooldown for like 30s? Are you basically ######### if you don't find a loop with a window?

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    None that I could find, but I assume that's why the developers just confirmed it is being nerfed - so rejoice on that.


    But yeah, the current iteration is kind of crazy.

    Right now Mage Hand has a 0.35s lift time, with an add-on that further reduces it to 0.23s lift time. Funny when you consider that the pallet drop animation is, I believe 0.5 seconds. So throwing a pallet down against Vecna with Mage Hand up actually loses you distance.

    With the changes it should now be net neutral if timed perfectly by the killer, otherwise you gain a bit of distance based on how much they delay using Mage Hand. You will still get hit in a lot of instances, but it should will hopefully provide enough leeway to give distance to loop again if pre-dropped or the killer messes up.