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I think map offerings need major changes . They are only used nowadays to bring the other side to an unfair map . Killers bringing midwitch and haddonfield, Survivors bringing the game and rpd. I just don’t think it’s fair that someone can bring a map offering and lower your chances of winning before the match even starts. If you aren’t gonna balence the maps at least make sacrificial wards a yellow or brown offering so they drop more. I think a simple fix for this would make be to lower the boost in chances the offerings add down to moderate boosted chances.

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    Offerings need a big overhaul anyways.

    Killers have an offering to make all survivors spawn seperately (Should be a Survivor offering)

    Survivors have an offering to spawn all together (Should be a Killer offering)

    Offering to spawn as far away from the Killer as possible is more a downside, as the Killer will always cross the map anyways.

    Hatch offerings are only used to get a free key escape. (Hatch is very problematic in itself anyways imo) Should just be a setting in KYF because I know the comp scene likes to use these.

    And as you mentioned map offerings are only used to skrew over the other role. Handpicked builds on cerain maps are just lame.

    Also the sacrificial ward has the silly side effect of still rolling the map that has been offered even when cancelled. Yes it just "removes the extra luck" map offerings give but its just silly for how rare these sac wards are in bloodwebs. They feel like they have iri rarity.