Mirrored Illusion

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This is just such a fun perk to use, but it would be nice if it worked more like Blast Mine in the sense that it could be used repeatedly throughout the trial regardless of it fooling the killer into attacking it.


  • Beaburd
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    I actually had the exact same belief and opinion you have here, in that you can only use it again after its 120 second duration wore off or it was destroyed, and you repaired a generator for another 45 seconds afterwards.

    After trying to make the perk work for multiple games, I realized the UI for it is just awful and that is not actually the case.

    This is how the perk actually works:

    • While repairing a generator, the perk will start getting charges and activate when you repair 45 charges of a generator
      • This charges required to activate the perk are hidden, and not shown in the UI (important for later)
    • When the perk receives 45 charges, it activates, and lights up the perk to show it is available
    • When you place an illusion, a rotating timer will display on the perk icon to show the duration of the illusion
    • The moment you place the illusion, the charges required to use the perk immediately resets to 0/45, and can be charged up again
      • So even though an illusion is active, the perk is highlighted, and a duration timer is started, you can start repairing and getting charges again
    • Once the perk is recharged, regardless if an illusion is still active or not, you can place another illusion down
      • This new illusion destroys and replaces the previous illusion.

    Unfortunately since there's no indication on when the perk gets recharged while an illusion is up, all you can do is see if you get the prompt to place another illusion down. If you do, it recharged and you can place it elsewhere (destroying and replacing your old illusion). Then you can repeat the process for as long as there are generators to repair.

    That said, given how easy the illusion is to spot, I wish you could put multiple down or they ran away when the killer approached.

    At the very least, I would like a way to see how many charges I need for the next illusion when one is already active.

  • Beaburd
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    Nevermind, being able to charge the perk while an illusion was active was a bug that was just fixed in today's patch.

    The Mirrored Illusion perk no longer charges when an Illusion is already active.


    I was reminded of this thread and felt the need to revive it because I think this is a horrible change, and now you're not likely to use it multiple times in a match. The perk is back to having a 3 minute cooldown.

    I mean c'mon guys, the perk was bad enough.
    Don't kick it when it's down.

  • Devil_hit11
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    they should make illusion repairs gens at 0.25 charges a second. Forces killer to kill illusion to kick gens. April fools perk.

  • Skitten56
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    It is crazy to me that they would nerf an already niche perk just to stay consistent with with gen perks.

    This drive for consistency when it is not needed is really ridiculous. Mirrored Illusion is nothing like Blast Mine or Wire Tap and therefore doesn't need the same exact requirements.

    If BHVR is going to make the perk even less useful, BHVR should at least make the illusion use the fixing gen animation when it is active.

  • Kaitsja
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    It's honestly ridiculous that they would fix such a trivial bug. It's a meme perk, there is no benefit to running the perk other than getting to see the killer fall for the illusion.

    This is exactly what makes it weird. It's not even close to being in the same tier as Wiretap and Blast Mine. It's basically just a silly meme perk.