Weave Attunement


Hi -

Just coming here to say that it is absolutely dumb that weave attunement reveals it is in play to the survivor.

Now, go right ahead (I guess) and make a note of it when the item is picked up as a debuff when they receive oblivious, but it's so stupid that the dropped items show the survivor they're revealed…

I had this same feeling when I learned survivors get a visual debuff warning that Dissolution is in play (making the perk rather useless.)

Imagine if Off the Record, Borrowed Time, or DS showed the perk in the bottom right corner/hud. Or if it showed the survivor you were chasing had deadhard.

I don't think this perk should tell a survivor when they are being revealed by it.


  • Beaburd
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    I actually think the current iteration of Weave Attunement deserves that notification, reasons being:

    1. Weave Attunement gives permanent aura reading in a 12m radius around the item
      1. To put this in perspective, Skull Merchant's drones have a 10m radius and only detect someone who touches a beam
      2. That means each dropped item has a range 20% larger than SM's drones with easier detection requirements inside it
    2. Items that survivors purposefully set down themselves also give off the 12m radius aura reading
      1. That means if a survivor puts down an item for whatever reason, like searching a chest, they just gave the killer a free super drone of intel
    3. The aura reading range has no vertical limits
      1. So if you drop an item down on the first floor of The Game or Hawkins Lab, the killer also gets a free super drone on the second floor as well as the first

    The amount of aura reading this perk gives is immense, especially if survivors ever bring an item and search a chest (forces an item to always be on the ground). The lack of vertical limits intensifies the value and effect of aura reading. In addition, dropped items are difficult to spot as it is, and it would be impossible to know if an item was dropped on the floor above or below you and that you are revealed without some kind of notification.

    If they remove the notification, I can only imagine it being on the condition that one of these other 3 aspects saw heavy nerfs as well. Otherwise literally nowhere on the map would be guaranteed to be safe, and stealth is essentially destroyed (even distortion would be eaten up).

    Funny story, I actually found out about verticality and purposefully dropped items counting in a game where I ran Appraisal + Plunderer's Instinct vs Weave Attunement. I saw I was getting my aura read from items I put down via the debuff icon on the bottom right and decided to go wild with it by placing a total of 8 items throughout the map.

    That lucky guy had aura reading basically everywhere, and my team had literally nowhere to hide.
    I felt a bit bad for that one LOL

  • Devil_hit11
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    pretty sure they'll eventually be showing BBQ and Nowhere to hide with perk icons. Discordance is another perk i could see as perk icon. Not a single killer perk can be hidden. disheartening.

  • Rickprado
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    I'm not sure yet if the survivor should or shouldn't have a notification when Weave Attunement is in play right at the beggining. Maybe it should after the first item gets depleted and dropped.

    But its a good perk and i don't see so many issue with this, specially that the killer can see your aura around the item but you can't see theirs (unless you are using object).

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I was initially against it having a notification, but after seeing it more I actually think it’s ok that it has a warning. It covers a pretty large radius now and tbh it’s a better perk than I initially gave it credit for.