What do you think the worst Ultra Rare addon is?


There are some ultra rare addons that are really bad currently, but what do you think is the absolute worst?

I have a few contenders, and I'm gonna go against the grain and not put Waterlogged Shoe among them:

Knight's Contract:

I've tried, but this addon simply doesn't do anything. You lose a lot of distance placing a guard and it's pretty much impossible to catch up in 8 seconds. If it was something like 30s it'd be decent, but it being on every fourth guard would still make it restrictive. It needs a sound cue when it activates too.

Expired Batteries:

This is a huge debuff for what is essentially a very minor buff. I remember seeing the numbers run on this addon and the buff is barely even noticeable.

I'd opt for a full rework for this one personally, as tweaking Haste values can be dangerous.

Redhead's Pinky Finger:

Oh how the mighty have fallen…

This addon has been nerfed to the point where it isn't really useable anymore. What it really needed was a full rework. Make it give Invigorated Survivors Exposed or something, I don't know.

Iridescent Videotape:

Disabling a whole part of your power, AND getting another debuff… I'd say get rid of the TV turn on time debuff since you lose a pretty significant part of your power just by running this addon.

Hellshire Iron:

Factoring in the post-hit cooldown and reload time, you're left with about 5 seconds of Undetectable. The Aura reading effect it used to have was way better.

Obsidian Goblet:

Like, c'mon, it doesn't even give you undetectable while charging Rites of Judgement. Give it a few seconds of lingering time and make it activate when holding your power and you're golden.

Which Ultra Rare addon would you pick as the worst? It doesn't even have to be on this list, I'm just highlighting some good contenders.