1 prestige level (50 levels) on Survivor bloodweb = ~30-40 cakes

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Meanwhile killer is like 2-3x that much. Same as every year.

Don't get me wrong the event items are nice but I would rather if either the cake rate is increased or just add extra mandatory slot for survivors for event item to appear in bloodweb.

Cakes are the far most key items to collect imo. And the fact that not only the Killer role earns more BP in general for each match but also gets way more cakes is not fair.

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  • Deathstroke
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    Yeah it really sucks and even the fact survivors can bring 4 times more cakes than killers so once anniversary is over survivors run much faster out of them and amount of bp everyone earn decrease 4 times.

    So it would be benefit for everyone if survivors get cakes as much as killers. Well im still waiting on xbox but do P100 players still get 1 cake per bloodweb because that sucked even more.

  • Yharwick
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    With how many BP you get per game now while yes you get less cakes than killer there's still no reason not to end the event with hundreds of cakes on the survivor you want

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Yes but what if you like more than 1-2 survivors? What if you play both sides and like some killer(s) too? then what?

  • CountOfTheFog
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    It is fair. Killers have no event items like Survivors do. In Addition, the bloodpoints from any cakes they get are shared with any Survivors they play against.

  • Beaburd
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    I'm just happy the event gives event-style Commodius toolboxes - the best toolbox in the game.
    I was seriously running low on these, but am stocking up quite well for my gen builds.

    The med-kit would also be nice if, for whatever reason, they weren't all standardized to heal the same. It feels very odd that a common grey med-kit heals as much a purple ranger med-kit. I suppose it's a balance thing, but man, I would like if the higher rarity med-kits actually distinguished themselves from the common greys via more than just 'oh 0.4 second faster heal per tier on others'.

  • Krazzik
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    Eh, survivors get amazing toolboxes too so hardly that bad.

  • HexHuntressThighs
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    killers get cakes only, survivors get insane toolboxes, flashlights AND cakes. It’s completely fair killers get more cakes.

    Oh and med kits

  • solarjin1
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    Both get plenty so it don't matter

  • MarbleThrone
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    Killers only get cakes.

    Survivors also have Toolboxes, Medkits and Flashlights alongside cakes.

    So it makes sense that killers get more cakes.