Ghost-face bug

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usually when stalking a survivor everyone is highlighted in white. However now while I stalk survivors, many don’t get highlighted at all. It’s especially obvious When stalking several at once.

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thank you for your report! When you have a moment, could you let us know the platform you are playing on, if you are playing the Anniversary Event modifier or the Main Game mode (or experience this issue in both), and any other information you feel would be helpful? Thank you!


  • Cheque0826
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    I've had the same error, I play on PS4, I played in anniversary mode, and the map was Ormond.

  • Beaburd
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    Just posting to confirm I have the same bug.

    Platform: PC
    Killer: Ghost Face
    Frequency: Every game so far

    Mode: Anniversary Event Modifier
    Perks: Lethal Pursuer, Friends Til The End, Play With Your Food, Grim Embrace
    Maps: Ormond, Yamoaka Estate, Hawkin's Laboratory

    Unsure if it happens in main mode, will try a little later and edit this post if I get it in the main mode as well.
    The bug happened regardless of what add-ons I used, but my perks were always static so I opted to include them just in case.

    Tried 3 games in the main mode and did not encounter the issue even once, so for now I'm assuming it's an anniversary-related bug.

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  • bleep275
    bleep275 Member Posts: 133

    I’m playing on pc through steam. Happens on all maps and mostly in anniversary mode

  • VantablackPharaoh91
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    Currently having this same error and it was happening in Lights Out a few months back too. It appears that Survivors are not always highlighting in white/red every time they are stalked/Marked. Mostly seems to occur in the Event/Modifier queue, and onlty on Steam.

    While we're at it fixing this bug, could we please, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do something about how janky his Reveal can be and being revealed through walls due to server Ping? My ability to stalk should not be based around someone else's ping. I shouldn't lose access to my Killer's power in 2024 because of someone else having a rough connection.

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