Idea for perk

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It often happens that the surfers near the exit are waiting for the maniac to come to them to tease the maniac, get a hit and escape. Or, when the maniac didn’t have time just a little and the survivor escaped.

idea for perk:

When a maniac goes outside the gate, the exit from these gates for Survas closes (something like "Blood Warden") and they cannot escape. To balance the perk, you can make the perk work / close the output for a limited time. For example, let's say only 20 seconds can it close the output, i.e. if the maniac goes outside the gate and stands there for 20 seconds, then the perk is completely consumed and he will no longer be able to close the exit. Or a maniac can go outside the gate, grab a Surva in 5 seconds and go outside the gate in this case, the maniac can still use this perk for 15 seconds.