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With the "rope" series of addons being nerfed, it made me relook at Freddys OTHER addons and think about their usefulness. Unfortunately, over half of them are in pretty bad shape atm.

This includes:

Kid's drawing- nerfs dream snare's effect to gain bonus BP in a category you'd likely max out anyway

"Ropes"- The values of each of these has been hit pretty hard. While it can be added onto OTHER slowdown effects to buffer up a total, the actual effect of the addons themselves is pretty minimal and you'd likely not even notice a difference between using them and leaving the slot blank.

"Blocks"- With the VERY specific exception of countering an OoO user while in a chase with them (Blindness addons), this series of addons is absolutely useless.

Black box- This addon makes it easier to chase a single survivor...The obsession. With perks like STBFL and dying light incentivizing you to leave the obsession alone in favor of their teammates, it doesnt really synergize too well.

This leaves Freddys teleport cooldown addons, The pallet addons, the dresses, Pill bottle, class photo and red paintbrush. Personally, Ive never had much need for increased teleport cooldown since its generally available to be used when I need to teleport. The pallet addons completely change Freddys power away from snares, which I prefer. The dresses DO provide a decent effect at an alternative slowdown with increased regression from failed skillchecks as well as some minor aura reading. Pill bottle and red paintbrush are also in decent spots with class photo being kinda meh due to being unable to "fake" a gen teleport.

With all this in mind, I started brainstorming ideas on different effects that the weaker addon choices could adopt. Most of these are not really 1 for 1 ideas and could be adopted by any of them, within reason to their addon rarity and effect strength. A quick note is that when I refer to base sleep timer, Im refering to the 60 seconds it takes to fall asleep passively. When refering to Buffer timer, Im refering to the extra 30 seconds alarm clocks give before the 60 second base timer starts ticking down. I'll also add some notes on my thought pattern on some of them.

All survivors START the trial asleep- I figured this could be similar to a weaker version of paint brush in that Freddy is able to start strong, but the addon wouldnt have paintbrushes effect of KEEPING survivors asleep. This would be similar to Plauge's apple addons in which Plauge is able to START the trial with her power ready to go.

Freddy's Lullaby range reduction- Currently Freddy has a range of 32 meters you can hear the lullaby. This would shrink that down abit to allow Freddy to be abit more sneaky.

Aura reading for X seconds after a survivor has interacted with a snare - Currently 2 of the 3 pallet addons have this built in when interacting with pallets. This would simply be the snare equivalent and would ideally have the same values.

Awake survivors can see snares and pallets, but not interact with them. Fake pallets fade from view when approached by an awake survivor, while snares increase the rate a survivor falls asleep when walking over them- This is abit longwinded, and COULD be taken by 2 different addons for pallets and snares respectively. Figured having them on 1 addon wouldnt really hurt though since only 1 of the effects could possibly be used at a time.

Reduce the base timer duration- simply put, causes survivors to passively fall asleep faster

Greater reduction of base timer duration at the expense of greater value of BUFFER timer duration- The 60 second timer would take a hit, causing survivors who are using teammates and failed skillchecks to fall asleep much more often while survivors who use alarm clocks to fall asleep LESS often.

Increases range Freddy can place snares, while also increasing the time snares take to become active- Would allow Freddy to place snares around a room without physically having to walk to each spot. The extra time til activation would prevent Freddy from placing snares infront of survivors who are running away from him.

Survivors affected scream in fright randomly, similar to Doctor's madness 3 effect. This effect persists until X seconds have passed or until survivor wakes up.- In regards to Freddys block addons that give hemorrhage... I thought this would be a nice addition...Figured it makes sense if all of a sudden an otherwise healthy survivor is covered in blood...

Freddy gains the aility to teleport to COMPLETED generators. Aura of completed generators are shown in blue.- This is mostly to combat how much of a lack of power Freddy tends to have at the endgame. As more and more gens are finished, Freddy slowly loses his mobility. At endgame...teleporting is gone.

Freddy gains the ability to teleport to placed dream snares while losing the ability to teleport to generators- This is abit of a double edges sword. While it offers Freddy more control over where he can teleport, survivors can also simply activate the dream snares to remove a teleport location.

All in all, these are just afew ideas after a long night at work brainstorming them up, lol. I purposefully left many values blank so that either multiple addons of the same addon chain could use the same effect, or a single addon could take it with the value being appropriate for the addon's rarity value. @twistedmonkey is the one who suggested I make this thread, so here we go. Feel free to comment as these ideas are all VERY rough.


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    I like these suggestions. I feel like these suggestions would give Freddy more wiggle and legroom when it comes to build flexibility.

    Snares revealing survivors who step on them reminds me of old Freddy. God I miss that glorious bastard. I wouldn't mind any of these to replace most of Freddy's add-ons right now. They seem fun and great to use and go up against.

  • LordGlint
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    Im surprised the snares version of paint thinner's aura reading isnt already a thing tbh.

  • twistedmonkey
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    Overall I like these ideas. None seem overpowered and they look to give some different playstyles too Freddy which is really nice. I think more add-ons for all killers should be done like this.

    The only one I would question is the scream with fright one as the doctor is quite hated due to this. Unless you could remove fear in a way like madness you have to be near some one or give yourself away by blowing a gen or running acvross the map to wake up and probably scrram in the way. It does hurt stealth players more and those who like to try and evade instead of the loop game.

    Great suggestions though and I hope the devs take this on board.

  • LordGlint
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    I figured that could have 2 ways of ending it. You could either wake up from the nightmare OR let it time out (probably around 30 seconds).