Thanks for killing Oni.



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    Not entirely true. I’ve seen Trappers who get 4K in less than 5 minutes. I’ve seen Wraith and Clown destroy SWF groups. Just because Spirit and Nurse are statistically better doesn’t mean that no other killer can be used. Killer mains are always trying to exploit 🙄

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    It was discovered during the PTB and they didn't exactly have the time to change that immediately from when the PTB ended and the time the chapter releases.

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    Nevermind that missing something like that during internal testing, was the equivalent to building a house and overlooking that it was missing electrical outlets from every room before moving in, the incredibly insignificant change needed to correct this in the game code itself, disqualifies your response that they didn't have time.

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    Alright, time to join the emotional boiling pot in here.

    I already made my own post on this topic. I won't go into detail here, but if you wish to read it, here it is:

    I am going to lean towards the nerf not being a good thing. Before i hear yays and boos, please let me explain.

    In a normal match with solo que survivors, the survivors do not have much information without using perks to help out. This, in turn, makes:

    Looping less optimally (higher chance to run into more players)

    Higher chance for hex totem perks to stay up

    Better chances of people making mistakes

    Less information for each person to use in general

    Overall, there might be some coordination, but it will be far less frequently. Even a killer like clown should be able to get some use.

    Now, let's take the best survivors and put them in a sed with comms. Welp, they will be super coordinated, make the best decisions, loop you around efficiently, and probably break ruin in 30 seconds and do gens when not in a chase.

    I am not saying that it is a bad thing that survivors do this. It is their objective, as a team, to escape. The problem is that some killers just dont have enough in their kit to do anything about it. Some killers have to have survivors make mistakes in order to get kills.

    Well, what does this have to do with oni?

    The main thing that killers mostly get slow down from is their lethality. The Oni's ability was quite lethal, as you had room to try and adjust your angle when striking at a survivor during demon dash. Well, now he has lost that room for adjustment. If the survivor attempts to joke him by moving perpendicular to him, well, the oni has no way of hitting that. His power is, imo, worse than Hillbilly now.

    It really sucks when you try your best, but because the game is feeling like it is getting more balanced to a 1v1, and that the balance tends to go towards the solo-que side (even though there feels like there are about as much swf as there is solo-que survivors), the overall game is getting survivor sided.

    Alright I will stop my rant on the subject. If you have any criticism, I would be glad to hear it.

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    Im pretty sure it was the 180, people are complaining because of something that shouldnt be freaking possible, imaginr running at full speed to then do a 180 and smash the ground in .6 seconds, like come on 90 degrees is still pretty good.

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