What is your most recent proud moment in dbd?



  • DeKillerKiller
    DeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547

    Taking a break for 2 weeks from playing Dead by Daylight.

    Been feeling a lot more mentally well and I'm proud of that.

  • StardustSpeedway
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    Got a killer to message me very upset because of my "OP" perks: Poised, Lithe, Dance with Me, and Lightweight.

    Didn't hook me once, accused of me of being a coward when I did gens and rescued people. He said poised was such an OP perk. I lost him 4 times during that match when he was chasing me and he swore that if he ever runs into me again, he will tunnel and mori me. lol

    Although he may not have admitted it, he was upset he couldn't get his 4th BBQ stack.

  • Narri_L
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    Adept Nurse. No contest.

  • DocFabron
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    Lol I've NEVVVVVVER seen a Claudette do THAT before!


  • PrettyFaceKate
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    Adept Trapper. This one really was escaping me due to the gatekeeper emblem. I finally decided to play Trapper 'wrong' to have a chance. I got it on Azarov's. I spawned by the yellow excavator near the shed which had the basement. I put a quick trap at the pallet next to the excavator, which on paper is a bad a trap and then left, resigned to play all m1. As I was walking toward the middle, the gen in the other corner next to where I spawned popped. I head back and meet neon Nea and Yui who go clicky clicky and tbag. I chase Nea who goes toward the trapped pallet. She slams it and tbags while a pink Claudette goes clicky clicky. Nea blinds me as I break the pallet and then steps into the trap right behind her. From there it was a big snowball where I juggled the survivors, leaving slugs and baiting heals and flashlight saves. Eventually, after enough hooks, I slugged everyone, including a Jake who probably wasn't part of the gang and that I would've let go, if not for adept. I got 4 iridescents for that and set a grand total of one trap throughout the whole match, but dang it did work. The chat was as silent as a library in the aftermath.

  • Artsy_Chip
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    My proudest moment was probably when I was playing on mobile against a legion and it was end game collapse I think and a Claudette was hooked and I didn't wanna leave her because she did good that round so I unhooked infront of killer (because he was camping) without getting hit so I could body blocked the hook and she could wiggle out and she did. So the exit gate was kinda far so we had to run for it. Thankfully she knew where it was so I was behind her so I could take a hit and we both escaped. Also the mobile version has a small server so I knew the Claudette from a previous game. I wanted to freind her but the feature wasn't available yet. So yeah that's my proudest moment :D