what do you think dead by daylights biggest problem is right now?



  • DeKillerKiller
    DeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547

    Biggest problem with DBD right now is Map Design.

    They are either confusing to navigate unless you memorize them (Lery's, The Game), way too big for killers with no mobility powers to traverse (Temple of Purgation, Gas Heaven), or are just generally an annoyance to play in (Sanctum of Wrath).

    I would actually pay money, monthly, just for them to not work on DLC or new content or whatever and just focus on map design. Making it much better for every killer/survivor. So Killers won't have to rely on Ruin, and Survivors won't have to rely on memorizing every map in the game (seriously it can be confusing to find gens in The Game)

  • Reaper_xx
    Reaper_xx Member Posts: 173

    The devs took the easy way out and nerf whatever they can. Balanced Landing was god the way it was. Object of Obsession is good the way it was. All we ask is for the maps reworks, fix the gen speed. And fix the bugs as well.

  • LemeTheMeme
    LemeTheMeme Member Posts: 403

    I think the main issue is maps. There is a large inconsistency between them, and it's easy to spot which one is survivor sided vs. which is killer sided. I think maps NEED to be the same size, or close to it. It makes balancing a nightmare when you have these huge maps that you need to apply pressure on.

    Not to mention, but Huntress gets progressively worse due to these map inconsistencies. The influx of trees, indoor maps, Haddonfield, weird collisions, make playing her way more frustrating. She defs needs some QoL improvements to make her more viable.

    But back to the topic of maps, I am really against these massive maps that make playing no mobility killers so much more dreadful. Some maps need their lighting overhauled, especially the Yamaoka maps. Also, why does it have the bamboo that makes blendettes literally invisible? and why do I have to rely on audio for that matter, which is COMPLETELY busted.

    Overall, maps need to be more consistent in size and lighting.

  • sunny_008
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    OH ♥ FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT. I refuse to play as survivor unless I'm playing on premade. 2 weeks ago I had a killer facecamping me and then saying "sorry" (oh, but not really) but they had to do a challenge. This game is only becoming a waste of time and so draining. How am I going to be able to get better at playing if I'm not even given the chance by the killers? The game gives you 3 chances. Killers don't even give you once. The problem isn't just the game, the problem is the ######### people playing. They mask behind the character being a "killer" and that their only purpose it's to sacrifice the survivors. But there's much more to do as a killer than just that, like putting traps if you play as the trapper, and so on. Breaking generators so you don't get gen rushed. But the people playing is usually very dumb and only think about one aspect of the game and so they make it impossible to play and very boring. It really makes you want to delete the game.

  • Fayyar
    Fayyar Member Posts: 6

    Things about DbD that are mostly fine: maps, hitboxes (yes, I really think so!).

    Things that need fixing: bunch of perks being useless, difficulty disparity in higher ranks (killers need to be much better and try hard way more than survs in order to 3k/4k), Decisive Bullshit (it's not an anti-tunnelling perk if I can chase and hook someone else, and the person with DS still has it active).