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  • yea same here i thought it was fixed for 2 days but im back to a 24 hour penalty. I still dont understand why there is a penalty in a game that does not have a rank system.
  • Platform: Pc Lobby Host: East Cost To recreate: Ill play a survivor or killer game and halfway through the match i get black screened then i get the disconnected from host error
  • Yeah it is really said i love this game and wish i could put more time into it but i feel like they will never own up to this issue and just blow it off. I also dont understand why there even is a penalty in the first place. If their was a competitive mode i would understand why there is a penalty. The normal matches just…
  • the support team said the same thing to me. I did what they said it ran fine for 4 games and i just got disconnected. Now i have a 24 penalty this is ridiculous. Its so annoying how they say it is our internet is the problem even though so many of us are having this issue. It is 100% something wrong with their servers and…
  • yes we are been happening for a couple of days now and im at a 6 hour ban
  • i dont have as many hours as you but i also love the game. I have been playing it for a couple of days now and it is just depressing this issue isnt resolved. i have got all the killers and survivors and now i cant even play the game for more then 15 min without getting kicked. im up to a 6 hour ban and i dont want to take…
  • im also annoyed i bought the game and all dlcs recently on pc and i cant even play a full match. I started playing it on my xbox and i havent got kicked yet but i have no cosmetics or levels on this account. They need to fix this asap. its not a connection issue or ip because every other game works fine.
  • i was playing a couple matches didnt get kicked. i thought it was fixed until i got kicked halfway through a match and now i have a 6 hour ban this is so annoying. At least make it to were you cant get banned if you can fix your issues.
  • I have been having the same issue. i just bought the game recently and having this issue is making me not want to play it. It usually happens when i hook someone or start a chase. I cant even play a whole match ive tried to uninstall my game but that didnt work hopefully they can fix it. Im at a 2 hour ban currently and it…