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  • This map I think is a survivor sided map, cuz of the janky collision and the tile chaining and half of those tiles are really confusing and a lot of clutter plus the map building I absolutely dislike with those pallets the one in the main building and the one outside the main building underneath
  • This map is so horrible for killer, and I think the rework made it worse, the main building is absolutely Overpowered as hell with that window in the dining room, the tiles a lot of them are really good and they still chain together, and that pallet on the side patio is still a god pallet, what an awful awful map
  • I'm not super into this map, but it's one of those maps where it can go either way with the tile chaining but also the jank collision but the map is kinda small but also feels large but I don't really have any hard feelings for this map
  • This map is very red and hard to see scratch marks, and it's kind of a forgettable map but this map honestly is pretty balanced but favors more for killer
  • I absolutely despise this map with a passion, the size is much nicer now but there is a lot of issues I have with this map, some of the tiles have such janky collision and and most of them are really good and they chain together especially around shack and the right side of the main building, and speaking of the main…
  • It's the smallest and the most killer sided map in the game nothing else to say.
  • This Map is fair balanced and it still has some of the same problems that mother's dwelling has where there's a lot of clutter but not as bad and a lot of dead zones as well depending on rng
  • This map has the same issues that the Gideon meat plant has but in reverse, too many windows and has the navigation problem just like Hawkins does where one side of the room is closed off and you have to go around
  • My biggest complaints with this map is that collision is still an issue with this map and so much clutter everywhere, and the main building is absolutely busted and with the rock tiles it makes it much worse to deal with
  • This map has such an awkward layout and the navigation is so bad, the portal room window at the bottom is an infinite, and there are so many pallets but 3 quarters of them are terrible, and there is a tone of BUGS on this map and there was a pig trap box literally can't use it cuz there are some crates in the way
  • My first impressions of this map is that it's balanced but the map feels extremely big and there's a lot of pallets but they aren't super good and the exit gates are way too far apart from each other but it's meh
  • I dislike this map there is like 50+ pallets and over half of them are safe and there's only like 5 windows and that's it plz give this map a rework
  • I Love this map its my Favorite map in the entire game as both sides, the only annoying thing about this map is the main building, the breakable walls that you gotta break especially the ones next to a window but it's a great map overall
  • This map is honestly kinda killer sided cuz of the 3 gen set up but it's also a map that is ok for survivors and 4.4 killers dislike this map cuz it's really big
  • This map in my opinion is Autohaven version of coal tower, it's balanced but it swings back and forward on either side but it's a good map
  • I dislike the original version of this map its big the middle area is a nightmare to handle and you literally have to say in one area with is not bad but it's not great and I'm not a big fan of this map
  • It's quite a balanced map that can swing back and forward between either side it's an okay map
  • It's a map I find to not be super great for either side cuz the map is absolutely large and quite a bit of deadzones but also the main building around the tent areas it can possibly be an infinite if run correctly with the right RNG especially for the 4.4 killers
  • This is the most survivor sided MacMillan map cuz of the main building plus the original version has 2 pocket allies just like the Disturbed Ward map
  • I am not a fan of rotten fields, it's big, it has the same problem that old Fractured Cowshed had which is one big circle of tiles chaining together and the middle area is just a deadzone
  • The map is pretty big and the main building on the catwalk is really annoying especially that window and the totem spawns in the main building can be pretty bad for the boil over players cuz the killer won't be able to hook anyone up there so I think they should add a hook up there
  • I have a few issues with this map, the RNG can be really janky on this map with the tiles that can spawn together and another is there can spawn up to 20 pallets I think and the main building is really annoying to deal with especially the window no matter the RNG where it spawns but it's not a map I complain about that much
  • This Map is okay for both sides but it's more survivor favored but it's okay
  • It's a pretty balanced map it does favor more the killer side but it's a great map
  • Out of all the Autohaven maps, Gas Heaven is the most Survivor sided out of all of them and it's down to 2 reasons, Reason #1, it's too Big Reason #2, The Main Building is absolutely strong and obnoxious
  • I think this map is one of the more killer favorite maps, it has a lot of deadzones and the main building isn't as strong as it once was but it's a good map
  • This map imo, is one of the most survivor sided maps and I have the reasons why, Number 1: the map is way too big and it's literally like the Groaning Storehouse map which it has the pocket ally areas which makes it harder to pressure the generators cuz of how big it is, Number 2: the Main Building is absolutely…
  • This Map is not at all good for either side cuz, Number 1: the houses have windows that are literally infinites and the killers cannot catch them unless your nurse, Number 2: it's also bad for survivor cuz outside of the houses are straight up dead zones and there is nothing the survivors can loop around on which makes…
  • Father Campbell's Chapel is a bit of a weird map, it favors a little bit more on the survivor side, the main building has 3 different rngs you can either get the main one that should not be a thing is the window that can potentially spawn next to the potential basement that what window is an infinite and it should be…
  • Do I even need to explain about badham preschool, why is there 4 buildings, 3 of them are extremely stupid, the school is overpowered with the infinite there and without the basement in the school boiler room the school makes you unhookable it's an exploit, House of pain is just busted the stairs are always around the…
  • Grim pantry is such a survivor sided map, the map is really big, the Main Building is so strong and stupid and the docks RNG and makes it worse for this map and I've seen like 5 log tiles with the vault on this map plz rework both the swamp maps
  • The Pale Rose is a massive mix bag for me on one hand it's not good for killer and it's not good for survivor either deadzones or no deadzones and the docks has such an awkward RNG and same thing with Grim pantry
  • It's another pretty balanced map but it's a little bit too big but it's pretty good
  • It's mostly a balanced map but a little bit favors the killer side but it's good wouldn't change anything.
  • Even though Mount Ormond Resort was recently updated, but the issues weren't properly addressed, Number 1: The biggest issue with Ormond is the size, it's a little too big, it would havr been nice if the size was reduced. Number 2: The map has almost the same problem as the old Fractured Cowshed had which is the chaining…
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