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  • So….. Gens are 90 charges Survivors repair Gens at 1.0-2.2 charges per second…. so 45-90 seconds Killers regress Gens at .25 charges per second…. so 360 seconds then add in perks and Toolboxes and speeds are eye opening…. pros and cons to it
  • Ok so if we are talking about the base game… 5 Gens at 90 charges each (placements are RNG Killer has to hit each Survivor 2 times to down them 3 Hooks to Kill a Survivor Survivors can heal and Killers can kick Gens SO the gauge of a match is Gens…. IF I get a 4K with 4 Gens done that was a close match but if I get a 0K…
  • I got ahead of myself…. Yea the RBT can be sabo'd but will take 16 seconds and 4 skillchecks to complete but if interrupted the RBT will go off killing the Survivor So it'll allow Survivors to have another way out but comes at the cost of time and if complete then they will be in Deep Wounds at the end of the death timer…
  • NO… That's the biggest catch 22 120 charges per Gen would be a nightmare for Survivors… and even if it took that long Killers would still kick Gens Killers then would bring other perks thus creating another "meta"
  • I run: Surveillance- 8M more of sound of Gen repairs Oppression- up to 3 Gens would be regressing and the one kicked… but looking for another perk Corrupt- allows for me to find Survivors before Gens are done (doesn't work that much so I am looking for something else) Whispers- Tells me if I am within 32M of a Survivor(s)…
  • Killer: Pig Utility Blades: Applies Hemorrhage until the RBT is removed New Effect: Survivors can't heal fully while they have an RBT (90% at most and cannot be regressed) Rusty attachments: Applies Mangled until RBT is removed New Effect: can be sabotaged either delaying the death timer or making it a down not a death and…
  • Freddy needs an update Knight needs more QOL SM needs a re-do (for all of those complaints) In short the game needs better coding for these things to work… would we be willing to play the game as it is now for a better version later on
  • And some of those celebrations last what 20-30 seconds Also there are penalties for overdoing it If all 4 Survivors are at the gates when the gate is opened, sure go ahead and get it out of your system but remember that it's for 20-30 seconds not almost 2 minutes If a Gate is opened and no one's near it oh well escape by…
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  • The only thing that can happen with Tunneling is to limit it But then all of the slowdown has been nerfed cause Survivors don't want to do 7 Gens just to finish 5 Let's add another Hook state and see where that puts us
  • It's for SWF's Those that die can tell the other SWF members what perks the Killer is running and those that are left can play accordingly
  • I mean buffing Sabo times means that Survivor would be more willing to bring a Toolbox to Sabo Hooks rather then repairing Gens So it's more give and take added to the game Again for the sake of the OP…. buffing Sabo times just gives Survivors something else to think about while playing the game
  • I mean if we think basekit Gen progression Vs. regression is good then I have a question… If you think that way then why are players using Gen progression and regression perks (toolboxes and their addons are included)
  • If they hand designed the maps then yes it would make sense to have such deadzones…. but they don't so why have them in the first place And if they did hand design the maps it would be easier to fix and change them
  • If the Killer goes AFK then that's free Gens… so sadly there's not much to be done If a Survivors gives up on hook there should be a different punishment but IDK what that would be
  • So it's more along the lines of what's basekit Gens- 90 charges to complete Progression- 1.0-2.2 charges per second Regression- 5% loss of progression and .25 charges per second Maps- Gen Spawns, Totem Spawns, Killer Spawns and Survivor Spawns… Deadzones… Loops and Pallet Spawns Killers have to hit Survivors 2(3) times to…
  • I guess it depends on when and where one plays from People play differently depending on previous matches, what happened to them that day ETC…
  • Fair enough…. That's actually my build… LOL This build is what I feel comfortable using… but sometimes it works and other times it doesn't so don't feel bad
  • PIG: Perks: Oppression, Surveillance, Corrupt and Whispers Addons: Combat Straps and John's Medical File Explanation- Use Corrupt and Whispers to find a Survivor, chase and down Survivor, put and RBT on and hook, use Oppression and Surveillance to find another Survivor and repeat Pig's power allows her to slowdown the Gens…
  • Also technically Totems are a secondary objective….
  • I was thinking of giving an additional effect… allowing Gen blocking to last 5-10 seconds longer (like Lethal Pursuer) to Corrupt But then again we do have to think of everything before they get the idea…. Yes Nurse and Blight cause problems and so do a :try-hard" SWF… and Killers like Trapper, Freddy, Ghostface and Pig…
  • It was also a thing in the lights out (minus the perks part) And while it shouldn't be one Survivor doing all of the Gens… having all 4 Survivors doing Gens is also a bad thing (in a way) But with the way Gens are right now… adding in more steps for Survivors will only make things worse Adding in Perks like Corrupt,…
  • Honestly at this point…. they would benefit most by not giving us anything new but working on what they already have Coming up with a cycle would be a bit hard but that's just my felling on it
  • I feel that Gen times need to be adjusted one more time (perks and toolboxes but let's just focus on base gameplay first) Survivors repair Gens at 1.0 charges per second = 90 seconds… 2 Survivors repair Gens at 1.7 charges per second = 52.94 seconds Killers can kick Gens for 5% instant regression and .25 charges… I'm not…
  • Chaos Shuffle just shows us why there is a reason why certain perks are used the most And adding more perks as basekit will only makes things worse For example: Who uses BT anymore, it's free But the 5% progression loss doesn't feel like enough so Killers pile on the Gen regression perks to make up for it… for better or…
  • It's the entitlement on both sides Survivor: "i should be able to finish all 5 Gens before the Killer can hook Killer: "I should be able to see all of the Survivors at all times" ETC… also it's the "us VS them" that we all have grown tired of Survivor: X Killer perk, "meta", Addon(s), playstyle, or Killer is unfair… but I…
  • Yes also Gens should be counted… Hooks are a positive for Killers but a negative for Survivors Gens are a positive for Survivors but a negative for Killers I mean that's what Pip's are trying to do
  • If they did make more Zombies spawn you best believe it'll happen when his addons get re-work…. and the more Zombies spawning in would be a Iri addon But we also have to deal with more Zombies that can get stuck on Maps… or more bugs with them So coding them would be a bigger deal then let on by BHVR
  • I just left it where it was
  • I wouldn't mind Healing being looked at… but it isn't a big enough deal to say it needs to be done right now
  • That would mean Surge would be changed to where the Survivor is and not where the Killer is…. and BHVR has a hard time with coding Pain Res only has 4 tokens and 4 separate Hooks that need to be used and yes while it does 20% of Total progression it's still only 4 times… and if the same Gen is hit that's on the Survivors…
  • Could you imagine a Huntress standing in the middle of Gens and throwing Hatchets to get Surge value Or a Hillbilly zooming around gets a Down on a Survivor close to a Gen that's almost done Having a long cooldown or being 110% doesn't matter
  • Pig: Timing is everything to her… and it also depends on how one plays her (Tunneling a Survivor with an RBT on doesn't count) If you forget to put an RBT on you might just lose all pressure Also her RBT's do work as a Hook check… if you put one on every Survivor that you down and Hook
  • Honestly… seems the game doesn't reward how many Gens are left and hooks gotten my the Killer… getting the 4K is the thing that the Killer's do There's no one to blame… players make decions throughout the game
  • So IMO… Base regression can be changed so Ruin itself isn't effected Right now base Gen kicks do 5% instant regression then -.25 charges per second But if regression were tuned to be -.50 charges but no more instant regression that would be nice…. so instead of relying on a perk
  • I was listing out what perks the Survivors were running… I'm not saying that they are strong perks but having multiple Survivors running them makes them stronger
  • I run: Lightweight- So I an have a chance of getting away Botany Knowledge- faster heals Leader- gives others faster heals if they are close to me Kindred- so I an see where the Killer is headed and where the other Survivors are
  • So do we want a Balanced game or chaos??? Seems to me that having a form of Balanced isn't as fun as we hoped…
  • So what about the Survivors Perks 3 DS's 2 Auto heal medkits 3 Hope's 2 Daja Vu's 4 Lithe's I actually wonder what would've happened if they didn't DC I get that Pop and PR are too much at this point… but what if Killer players don't use them
  • I said bring back to 80 charges then make changes to Gen's progression and regression… even going as far as to Killswitch them Yea I am talking about Basekit… cause that's the biggest issue IMO
  • I only use Surveillance The other two aren't that good… MYC being 24M away from a save to get exposed but when going back I only see the unhooked Survivor… SH: HT seeing auras around hooks shouldn't be the only thing HT does I mean I guess they like me… but it's not cause I'm playing Pig but how I play Killer
  • It's funny but I never gave much thought into that… but most of the Survivors that did bring a Map offering were the first to die or they would live long enough to see the other 3 Survivors die… and it's the same for those Survivors that bring a hatch offering
  • Mine would be: Gens…… There Spawns are trash, Progression Vs. regression is laughable (basekit BTW)… them taking 90 seconds is not good for the game as a whole I would say that 80 is better but to do that they would need to look at progression Vs. regression Maps…. they have lost touch a long time ago… Pallet spawns are…
  • I main Pig I am a huge SAW fan… so it makes sense So she was the first Killer I played and learned (which is a reason why I don't tunnel and get at least one hook on each Survivor)
  • Oppression- To get Gen regression and information Surveillance- To get Information on which Gens are being repaired Corrupt- To block the 3 farthest Gens Whispers- To have information on if I am near a Survivor
  • So as a Killer we are supposed to know all of the Survivor's faces, how many hooks we got and when we got them Don't push that If a Survivor wants to use DS they can There's a big difference in Survivor induced Tunneling and Killer induced Tunneling If a Survivor wants to body block then that is Survivor induced Tunneling,…
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  • If you don't like Distortion then run Whispers… it gives information without showing auras
  • I'm sick of how quick the game feels… on both sides I'm sick of players blaming each other rather then looking at the game for what it is I'm sick of the Maps that are in the game… also this is like the 3rd time RPD has been disabled (I think) I'm sick of players not seeing what they do (and this is kinda the same as the…
  • Honestly I would go through what we have make changes to them then come up with new ideas
  • I tend to play a bit try-hardy But the perks I like are: Whispers- so I know if I'm close to Survivors Corrupt- so the Survivors can't get the first Gen done before I find one of them Surveillance- So I know if a Survivor is repairing a Gen near me and if a Survivors gets on a Gen that I kicked Oppression- So I know which…