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  • Waiting four minutes because the killer wants to waste as much time as possible is asinine and you know it. Also, your previous response is not constructive in the least. Don't reply unless you have an actual component to add to the conversation that isn't sarcastic or obnoxious. No the, "Give Up" I'm suggesting only would…
  • Also, as a Side gripe, you also receive damage if the Skeletons appear projected In front of you, so if The Lich misplaces the spell, you still get damaged even if it was put in front of you and they fly ahead of you.
  • Just had a game against it. Pretty annoying, though he did let everyone out at the end as Recompense it seemed.
  • Except maybe Huntress.
  • For real. I'd be fine with the deep wounds being removed but again that's a sort of "Buildup of danger" thanks to being scanned. Plague literally breaks you all game, makes you loud, reveals you with stink lines, applies geographical information if you touch vaults, and you can't get in a locker because low and behold its…
  • Everyone is so traumatized by a design that isn't even in the game anymore. It's physically painful how many matches against her or as her is completely tipped because of survivors throwing a tantrum.
  • And yet all this is required by getting scanned MULTIPLE times. - Haste only comes into play if a Survivor is Scanned. It isnt automatic on placing a drone, a survivor has to be detected. - Undetectable lasts 8 seconds basekit and is on a cooldown. Also, Wraith Onryō say "Hi". - Claw Trapped Survivors have to be scanned 3…
  • That's a great Idea. Once enough time has passed, they should make it that not performing a conspicuous action just causes Crows to start appearing over you. And I mean performing and completing long, uninterrupted conspicuous actions. Not just tapping a totem or other objective over and over.
  • It's kinda tricky, arguably, they're just utilizing a playtsyle that may or may not benefit themself. But it definitely sounds like a time wasting "Refusal to participate in normal gameplay" which is indeed reportable.
  • I genuinely hate almost everything about the changes. Victor is now a hit and Run Power and Charlotte is just the garbage collector. I LOVE playing as the Twins, I love the rush of landing a latch or down hit, because it feels good getting the aim right. I agree with the clunkiness of their playstyle being frustrating, but…
  • It's the fact I was forced into it. I had no agency, and my teammates entrapped me to make me an easier down. That's why I have a problem. The Killer is meant to oppose and corral, not your team. Exactly, just because your friends are okay with it, doesn't mean you can just hold someone else hostage in the situation. It…
  • Yeah I was super pissed. I don't like being closed in-on like that unless it's a Killer Vs Survivor interaction that is intended by the game's design, not a forced weird farming compliance. Primarily why I usually run OBS nowadays. I don't stream for views, just to have a record of any sneaky bullcrap that's easy to link.
  • Yeah I wish I had recorded it /: By the time it was over, I was mostly by myself on a gen and out the exit. Next time I notice this sort of interaction occurring, I will definitely record.
  • Yeah it's pretty bizarre, I haven't tried it out again since then, But it'd be a safe bet to just not use it for now.
  • Play in color blind mode if it hurts your eyes so much. It's thematic, and most players seem to be doing just fine. One of my friends sees the color blue too easily, so she has to turn her screen to a lighter hue. Maybe adjust your settings or screen, because if Behaviour bent to the will of every complaint, the game would…
  • Well it's a good thing his power cool-down is very fast and can easily reapply weakened. He is extremely strong when played in the right hands... or if you just heap all the gen regress on him. Also, it's not always about landing hits, he can corral survivors that are desperate to avoid the blast radius, kinda like Clown.…
  • Thank you and I'm SO GLAD someone saw my post! It says it was edited, and now it's just "Poof" gone. But I agree with everything you wrote!
  • My whole discussion got deleted somehow. /: I guess I'll retype it later when I can.
  • It used to give the extra effect. The point is they removed the synergy. Because the perk's activation was at the same time as you getting injured, it caused you to have the Endurance. They removed that because of how unfair an advantage it gave, yet they reenable it with Buckle Up. It's dog water.
  • I'd like that, like The Entity is calmed and resets the progress of the perk.
  • It really makes no sense that MFT was nerfed to not interact with it that way, yet Buckle Up does the Original version of Borrowed Time now AND interacts with For The People AND is better than We're Gonna Live Forever.
  • Very much appreciated, I almost thought those existed. XD Yeah... they desperately need a replay system or some in-game senser for these things.
  • I just use a Brand New part on a Great Toolbox combined with Cheryl's Perk, Repressed Alliance. While yeah, it kinda gives a deadlock scenario, it lets me protect the gen with the most progress and then I can go work on another in the meantime. ANd then I always just use the BNP on a gen but dont work on it,, that way…
  • I don't really get what you mean by the idea that "slapping a status effect blah" would have to do with a skill ceiling since you still have to make the hit and you have limited uses. I think her speed is fine, otherwise you just get Chucky or Blight, and why would you Pick between those characters if Pig does what they do…
  • That would be pretty badass, and Movie related!
  • I should also point out that the effect wasn't exactly too much a problem, as the visual only does minor distortions around the corners. I just thought it'd be good to at least point out.
  • Okay geez. Give an inch and take a mile much, let the devs have some cool down time, they literally dropped the chapter with a ton of amazing skins and patches and people are already clamoring for more. If they get to it, they will, but he's fine as is until then.
  • I mean, I do pretty well as killer on that map usually. You have to anticipate survivors' plays.
  • What is the point of discussing these ideas than. You: I want things to stay exactly the same with minor variations! Me: I'd like there to be more options for immersive and fun playstyles that don't force a super aggressive loop playstyle. You just sound so pedantic with that ending statement. Either way, I'd rather you no…
  • I feel like you're a meta player. I like how you just say "no" for one, like there's no need to explain yourself. You're just right.
  • Okay I don't see how crawling would be broken. You can't climb a ledge while in the Dying state cuz you're dying. That makes sense. You don't have the strength. And climbing a ledge isn't exactly what i literally want, i just think the knee-high stoops should be something all charac5ers can get on.
  • The Gideon Meat Plant has a ledge that is literally knee-high for survivors that they can't climb, same as killers. The Harvester on coldwind, The porch ledges or stair ledges on any outdoor town map like Haddonfield or Badham. Literally all things most sentient things would be able to step over.
  • It was clunky for the doctor because his own power got in the way of its effect (stunning survivors). I am using stance in the same effectation of holding a button down, or toggling for a specific action like climbing a ledge. Not walls. It's not much to ask for some variety to the game. And I am aware of the smasher. It…
  • Well... take that logic and turn it around. "I spent time blessing that!" But "oh well" that's the risk of using a Boon. It can get overwritten. I think it's more than fair given a killers Hex is permanently disabled unless Hex Undying is active. And I see survivors taking time to shift their boons to new locations all the…
  • I always find that there are ways to either bait, last second dodge, or vault to avoid plenty of attacks. It's not just about doing a lil 360. While I do like the idea of him earning it by taking a protective hit, it doesn't synergies with his other peeks very well given No Mither, but since no one tends to run that, I…
  • Sadako Yamamura actually lived in the well for thirty years. She's roughly in her mid to late forties. I was quoting someone else... but it somehow added you instead :/
  • Oh lord, I want to like it, but that cosmetic makes me think of a huge duck chasing me xD combined with her bird chokes, I'm basically laughing my head off running from "big-bird". On a side note, I've had a healthy dose of her today!
  • The problem is that he looks like a Dangan Ronpa character. -_- I just wish he had more to him then "sexy pop idol with knives". I don't mind attractive or normal looking killers, but at least the others have something that sets them apart besides the walking fanart style he's got. Even just making him pale would've…
  • The map can be traversed with excessive ease within 45 seconds. If pop is active, you'll have a gen in mind to use it on (usually) and you'll get to disrupt the progress just fine unless repressed alliance is used, which would have the same effect with the 60 second timer. Most killers that use Pop are almost exclusively…