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  • Doesn't surprise me. This dev team always seems to break something whenever they put out a patch. It's funny actually because they're doing the opposite of what a patch does. You'd think after all these years they would've learned to test their updates and submit them for code reviews.
  • I understand, as well as everyone learns at different rates. In this case, it seems that it takes a little more to learn to play them than it is to play against them. I'm not saying this as just a survivor main, because it goes both ways. There is lots of hate against the knight and SM, but it's because it takes a bit more…
  • Nah, I've seen streamers just rip through people seamlessly. I know the EMPs seem like they're happening way too much, but this dude can spam cameras. Sure, the EMPs destroys them, temporarily, but they can just spit a new camera right next to the destroyed one, and so on. That same line of reasoning, "You just need more…
  • Nah, I've seen streamers just tear through groups of people using him. He's able to spam his cameras, like sure, the EMPs can disable them, but he'll just shoot another camera right next to it and then continue to do so after the EMP blasts. That same line of reasoning you used as advice can also go both ways with learning…
  • Same thing happened to me, except with a flashlight save. It seems to be when the killer loses their grasp on you from a "save" event.
  • I feel like them adding Nic Cage to the game is foreshadowing that maybe he's going to be the star of the DBD movie.
  • What I don't understand is why the kill rate even needs to be that high. It makes more logical sense for the kill rate to be 50%. Isn't that what balance is? And also, by their logic, wouldn't that deem their POV to be killer-sided?
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