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For all of you to know, the first 4 of these creations I based off my self and friends. Don't be mad or anything if there isn't more than myself and friends. Over time I will create more ideas. So I hope you enjoy what I thought of. This is updated every 1 to 3 days so don't forget to check here on a constant basis for more fun costume ideas.

My Ideas:

New Trapper Outfit - DeBest:(based off of me) This is just a trapper with a burnt black mask with a gold star on the forehead and its body has molten gold poured over it.

New Huntress costume - Anarchy:(Based off of friend) This is a huntress with a mold covered mask that is purple with a black heart on it.

New Doctor Outfit - dspear:(Based off of friend) This is a military medic version of the doctor that is in an all green medic uniform. His head has a very distinct green color to the eyes. The electricity of the weapon and head will be green as well.

New Clown Outfit - Fat Tony:(Based off of friend) A mafia version of the clown That has a red fedora and suit. A black switch blade and a black flower on his left breast pocket that bleeds.

New Hillbilly Outfit - Problem solved: A tye-dye jacket a robotic arm made out of spare parts and a chain saw for a hand. A wooden face piece to resemble how irresponsible he is with the chain saw.

New Hag Outfit - Infected: A zombie themed Hag. With infected blood coming from her mouth and billet holes to the chest. This Hag is in modern female clothing and has a giant gash on the neck representing the bite she received. She is wearing nearly shredded off pants with a sweater skirt that has been worn down to almost nothing.

New Wraith outfit - The forgotten one: A wraith wearing the armor of the infamous black night. Wields the club of souls, a club of stone that has that has faces formed into faces and the glow of the entity lives inside.

New Nurse outfit - Banshee: Wears a white night gown with black hair covering the face and wielding a weapon made of bone, wood and stone.

New Doctor Outfit - The Spark of Life: Has a Worn out scavenger outfit with a electrical generator strapped to his back. A breather helmet that has an electrical current visible to to the eye flowing through the entire mask. The weapon is a table leg that is modified with a electrical adapter that gives it a constant charge.

New Huntress Outfit - Upon Sticks and Stones: This Huntress wears the pelts of a great Saber tooth cat and has a face that is tied to the back and the claw marks of the great beast across the face, still freshly bleeding. Wields a great ax made of a unknown metal and a handle of ancient wood of a tree from Shang-ri La.

New Wraith Outfit - The Great Sin: Wearing the cloak of the lost and the helmet of the demons, this wraith wields a mystical tomahawk made out of bone and fresh molten Lava.

Other peoples' Ideas:

TheScarletPotion's Idea: Witch Doctor - A Nurse with a crow mask and black doctor's coat.

If you have any cool costume ideas, Just comment them and I will add them to the List. Just remember that they can only create special outfits for original killers that the Devs. made. Thanks for taking a look.

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