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Matchmaking on the Switch

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I own DBD on every single platform and console, and got it for the Switch 2 days ago.

Is it dead on here or? I'm just sat here waiting for a match, tried as killer and survivor, and in the time waiting Im able to come on here, create an account, and it's still searching. :(

I have the receipt for the game so I guess I could take it back, but I don't want to! It's so awesome that (if I can ever find a match) I'm able to play DBD in bed or on the go lol.

I've tried it at my sister on her Internet connection, and now mine too. What's wrong with it :'( waaa.

But seriously - is it dead on the Switch and should I get a refund? Or is it just servers being screwy?



  • FireHazard
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    So, i'm going to assume since you bought the game 2 days ago that you're rank 20 or in the grey ranks, if you're farther than you're most likely in Yellow.

    The way the match making system works is that it finds anyone that's in your rank to play with and matches you up with them! If it can't find anyone that's in your rank or the rank above, than it looks for ranks above those two ranks (Above Yellow and Grey.)

    So for example, if nobody in your rank is searching for anyone to play with or they're in a match or whatever... than the system will take extra time to look for players above your rank to play with.

    This is how it is on all the platforms, but for switch it's a bit different, switch came out a bit before or after the rank reset (which happens on the 13th of every new month.) So, because of this... many players have already gone past Yellow and Green ranks (the players that do play casually) and are no longer in that rank to pair with you.

    So... it takes some time to find people that're above your rank and yellow because nobody in your rank or yellow is either playing at the moment... or they're in a match... or whatever. This is how it works... once you hit Green Ranks the queue times will improve drastically compared to Grey and Yellow ranks.

  • Cul13n
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    Yes it’s dead. Purple and red ranks are the same. I’m currently hitting the 45 minute mark in waiting for a game. With Pokemon out in a couple of weeks it’ll get worse. They desperately need to sort the switch version, it needs updates to keep players interested.

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