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How long does the putrid serum stay in the rift?


So i thought about this, i already achieved every challenge of tome 1 and started at rift tier 5. I am currently on rift tier 17. To reach rift tier 47, which is the last tier with putrid serum, i literally need to get 300 rift pieces just from playing the game. And because you can't get 800 exp in a normal match, i have to play more than 300 games to fully complete the event. Is it only me or is it literally impossible to achieve this as somebody playing this game not full time?


  • drimmalor
    drimmalor Member Posts: 909

    The Putrid Serum will be available for the entirety that the Rift is available - so 67 days from today. It will expire two weeks after that, so make sure you spend it before then!

  • Cheeper97
    Cheeper97 Member Posts: 19

    Oh okay, thank you very much :)