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Nurse speed mechanics, reappearance time, current omegablink

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someone may or may not know, but the nurse during teleportation does not really have speed, you just when releasing the button and she already in place but she only "appears there after a short duration of time"

Omegalink before and now still works the same way, if we calculated her blink MS, which is 13.33 m/s this means first blink is in duration of 1.5 second(20m range), but if she use omegablink combo she can travel 30m now, yes she needs to charge longer blink, this reapperance time is still the same I mean 1.5 second this means omegalink increase her blink MS to: 30m:1,5s=20m/s.

Survivor's having 4 m/s gives them 100%

20 m/s means Nurse on Omega has 500%?

I play with this combo today like 7 or 8 games and I feel reapperance time is still the same 1.5 second, or mayby I'm just wrong?

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