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How do I report a player?


I believe is saw somewhere a link to report cheaters and stuff that we can't post here on the forums. May I be redirected please?

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  • Lagoni
    Lagoni Member Posts: 180

    The only way I'm aware of, is in the end game chat. You can click the "thumbs up/down" icon next to someones name, then select a predefined reason why you want to report them, and a custom description.

  • Slay___
    Slay___ Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 898

    There used to be a Google form for reporting players long before an in-game option was created and at one point it broke when it was reverted back to that form.

    However right now you must report in-game and if you have further evidence such as video or screenshot of the incident you may optionally submit that at as a support ticket.

    Everything you need to know about reporting is linked by @antgnstea however.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    You can report a cheater or other offense to the support team. There, you can give a detailed report on a player with proof or a description and they'll look into the account.

    The instructions will be there for you to fill out.

    Here's the support link:

    Good luck with your report!

  • MissBehavingX
    MissBehavingX Member Posts: 493

    I did report in game, I have a clip too. Thanks for the help guys!!