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What do you think are the most clutch perks on each side?


Name 3 perks on each side (Killer & Survivor) that you define as clutch.

[And yes this qualifies as a question]


  • FireHazard
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    For Killers

    • Ruin. If left out for a long period of time it can devastate a teams progression towards generators.
    • Pop Goes the Weasel. One of the more basic meta perks but it shouldn't be ignored in a match either... If you hook someone and kick their gen that was say... on 70%... if left alone that progress will greatly diminish until all that time was for nothing...
    • Last, Nurse's Calling. Another basic Meta perk but let me explain. On most Killers it helps them with tracking healing and other such things... and while BBQ tracks Survivors in-general... I feel this perk is more "clutch" in that regard. On Myers and GhostFace you can easily sneak up on healing Survivors for easy downs or Exposed hits... And with Killers like Legion and Spirit it's ESPECIALLY dangerous on them since they can damage a team in seconds if they're good enough.

    Now for Survivors

    • Adrenaline. A perk that's used a lot in the meta for good reasons... if in a SWFs you can go and rescue a teammate and take a hit on your way their... Once you take that hit... your friend can finish a generator that's at 99 and heal you back to full with a speed boost to boot! In-general though, once 5 generators are complete you can clutch an escape or extend the loop when you're injured...
    • Balanced Landing. I would put Dead Hard but that perk is unintentionally nerfed from Dedicated Servers right now... Balanced Landing overall though helps with basically all maps (except a few.) and can be especially dangerous on maps like Lampkin Lane, Hawkins, Lery's, Crotus, etc... This perk can really extend loops for awhile due to no stun from falling... and you can get easy AND fast escapes by balanced landing somewhere and hiding for a period of time...
    • And last, Urban Evasion. I know, someones gonna hate me for adding this one... but let me explain. Urban Evasion on any Survivor can sneak past Killers with ease and it can especially fool them into thinking you're long gone when you're literally right next to the generator behind a rock... It's a very dangerous perk in the right hands and it can waste the Killers time trying to find you while the other Survivors are all working on generators, finding ruin, or unhooking someone...

    That's my list, I guess. Hope it met your specifications!

  • Azurlynx
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    Noed and DS

  • Nobsyde
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    Not sure what you mean with clutch, probably very good? In any case, those would be the current meta perks, like Decisive Strike, Dead Hard, Adrenaline, Hex Ruin, Pop etc etc.

    So.. instead what I find more interesting are under used perks.


    Dance With Me - together with Quick and Quiet you can escape from dire situations or at least gain a good amount of distance. You have to get used to it to make it work properly, but surely saved me a lot of times - and oh boy is it satisfying when it does!

    Bond - this perk alone is able to tell you if the killer is near you, where to find gens / heals, if it makes sense to go for a save and... well, basically everything team related! You just need to learn how to position yourself to have it active.

    We'll make it - I find a lot of survivors running away once saved even if I know the killer is far away. With this perk if you stay still you have a big chance to condition your team mate to allow you to heal him, and that's huge both points and trial wise.


    Surveillance - depending on your mobility, it can range from useful to a must. Even if you are a slow killer like Hag, you can stop wasting time to search for a survivor hiding near an active generator: just kick it, put a trap and go away, if Surveillance activates you know there was someone there, and since you have a trap you can now go back and find them much more reliably.

    Monitor & Abuse - honestly if you don't have a fast killer this is basically a must. It synergise perfectly with too many perks to not exploit it. A must for Hag.

    Blood Warden - wait wat? Yeah, very situational, but considering the huge amount of swf groups, this can become very funny very quickly. I personally use it sometimes with Hillbilly, and I love when I find a survivor running for the gates, teabagging and clicking his flashlight at me only to panic a few seconds later ;)

    Again, those are not necessarily perks that you should use, but that can have a very nice role in a lot of different builds.

  • Yung_Slug
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    Wait, do you mean "clutch" or "crutch"?