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Would You Like DBD Action Figures?


I would like them for my mains Ghostface, & The Legion.

Which ones would you like?


  • sobrat1
    sobrat1 Member Posts: 44

    The Character Design in this game is really good for the killers and even some survivor cosmetics. They should totally capitalize on that talent.

    Maybe those Funko Pops, or something like that too

    I love their redesign for Ghostface, the Doctor is very Hellraiser-like, and Huntress is badass. Would like me some of those.

  • Boosted_Dwight
    Boosted_Dwight Member Posts: 3,047

    There are a few statues that are in the works. Wraith's was released recently :D

  • Elk
    Elk Member Posts: 2,267

    Feng :)

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    As Boosted_Dwight said, we have some in the works already.

    Would I like a statue of Myers or Wraith or someone else? Sure... that's be a cool center piece to my desk.

  • TheShape78
    TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    YES! I would love to see some DBD figures. The more merch, the better as far as I'm concerned :)

  • Micheal_Myers
    Micheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,147

    Well... if they worked with NECA...

    Then... heh I wouldn't see why not..

    -coughs- @Peanits -coughs-

  • SmellyCat
    SmellyCat Member Posts: 46

    I'd trhow my money in for amanda things, since there's not much saw memorabilia/merch to buy and anyway she'd not be represented

  • TheLegendDyl4n1
    TheLegendDyl4n1 Member Posts: 1,493

    i would buy the hell out of a Nea

  • se05239
    se05239 Member Posts: 3,919