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Why is the Doctor's frame-rate so low?


I played Doctor for the first time since the patch and the complaints people had who played on the vanilla PS4 are now evident on the PS4 pro. The frame-rates are terrible since the patch. But what is it specifically about him that makes his frame-rates lower than the other killers?

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  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,349

    @FireHazard Thanks, I think you are right. I hadn't used him since the last double-bloodpoint event (and he was fine then). I only picked him for his ability to generate bloodpoints so well. I had to switch to Wraith instead.

    Even when frame-rates were at their worst, they were never this bad.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314

    Probably just some optimization errors or something along those lines.

    I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon... in the mean time you should file it as a bug report if anything... since it is kind of game breaking when you use him specifically or maybe even facing him?