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would resilience technically be a counter to thrill of the hunt?




  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    Yes since you cleanse totems 3%/6%/9% faster with Resilience... but the "counter" isn't that much due to the fact that each token on Thrill of the Hunt reduces cleansing speed by 4%/5%/6% for each token that's left...

    So... with Tier lll Thrill of the Hunt with 5 tokens on the field... Tier lll resilience would only be shaving off 9% of that 30% cleansing speed reduction... making it only 21% instead of the default 30% with 5 tokens active.

    And despite it being a counter, it's not really worth using since you have to be injured to get that cleansing speed increase... which when on a hex totem or totem in-general is... a bad idea...