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Freddy tips?


i recently bought Freddy and he is really fun! so i'm here asking for tips/builds for him, what can you guys tell me about him? what are the "must" perks? actually i'm using Nurse calling, PGTW, Ruin and Dying light on him.

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    Hey there! Glad to know you're loving Freddy, he is my favourite killer and the one I have the most hours on. Now, I don't claim to be the best Freddy player in the world but I will share you some of the tips and builds other Freddy players who are better than me have told me.

    snares or pallets?

    When you look at his addons, you'll notice there are three addons that will change how his power works. That being Garden Rake (Common), Prototype Claws (Uncommon) and Paint Thinner (Rare)

    These addons will allow you to use Dream Pallets, which are basically fake pallets Survivors who are asleep can interact with. Being hit by Dream Pallets doesn't stun you or stop you in your tracks, if a Survivor is in a dream and they try to stun you with a Dream Pallet. Always lunge for an attack and get a free hit in on them.

    Personally, I like to use Garden Rake as Prototype Claws and Paint Thinner's only extra benefit is to show the aura of the survivor to you from 4 to 6 seconds. They don't increase how many Dream Pallets you can have per match.

    Now, there is an argument that Dream Pallets are not as effective as Dream Snares.

    Dream Snares works like the Clown's Afterpiece Tonic Gas, if a Survivor is in a dream and they step on it. They will slow down momentarily making this exceedingly powerful in what normally would be loops around safe pallets.

    In my opinion, Snares are not as fun as Pallets but it is most definitely the more effective of the two. Shutting down overly safe pallets and getting a free hit in is how you handle with survivors who heavily rely on them.

    To use them effectively, chase a survivor to a pallet then place dream snares on both sides of entry to the pallet. Good survivors love to hug the wall as their hitboxes are smaller than the killer's hitbox. Making it possible for them to run the killer around for a long time if they don't have Bloodlust.

    If they hug the wall, they will inevitably hit the Dream Snares and slow down just enough for you to get a hit in. I usually like to make sure there are two dream snares because one right next to the pallet has a chance of turning that hit into a stun. Dream Snares are great but definitely not overpowered, as it should be.

    I still think Dream Pallets are more fun though.

    One... Two... Freddy's coming for you...

    While we're talkling about his power, did you know that he can also Teleport from generator to generator? This teleport gives him extreme map pressure as survivors are forced to either abandon a generator or risk getting stabbed in the gut with his finger knife gloves. Of course this only works on gens that aren't repaired yet. Ironically his rework made him somehow less powerful as the Endgame of the trial approaches.

    There are several addons that effect his teleport recovery speed, but his teleport recovery speed is mostly affected by Survivors being asleep. If 4 survivors are asleep and stay in the Dream World, his teleport recovery speed will be much faster than if no one is sleeping at all.

    But, there are some addons that makes it faster if you don't think he recovers fast enough.

    That would be Nancy's Sketch and Nancy's Masterpiece. Each increasing the rate of recovery per survivor in the dream world by slightly or moderately (I don't know the hard numbers, as I have not yet to find them.)

    Having Nancy's Masterpiece and an Ultra Rare addon (which I will touch upon in a second) at the start of the match can have you zooming from one gen to another to keep the pressure going.

    By the way, since the topic right now is his teleportation abilities. Did you know you can cancel Freddy's teleport?

    He will still show up near the generator the survivor is working on, but you can keep doing that and cancel at the last second.

    Doing this will make them waste time by running away from the generator if you are busy doing other stuff like chasing another survivor. It's one of the most effective tools for Freddy to use to keep survivors guessing and distracted so that no gens will end up being done. However doing this does take away 1/4th of your teleportation charge so use it if you know for sure a survivor is working on that generator.

    Speaking of generators...

    Welcome to MY WORLD, bitch!

    Freddy is probably the only killer who has the ability to make gens just completely stop to a crawl. I'm of course talking about the infamous, yet optimally effective [Forever Freddy] Build.

    But before we talk about that, lets talk about the addons that effect a survivor's Sabotage, Healing and Repair speeds:

    From least to most effective we have Outdoor Rope, Jump Rope and Swing Chains.

    Outdoor Rope and Jump Rope both add Moderately and Considerably modifier to the survivor's action speeds. But Swing Chains can add up to a Tremendously modifier if everyone is asleep. That brings me to that Ultra Rare addon I mentioned earliler: Red Paintbrush.

    The Red Paintbrush combined with Swing Chains makes for a grueling and slow game at the start of the match. The Red Paintbrush makes it so Survivors cannot escape the Dream World by just failing a skill check, they have to find one of the Alarm Clocks scattered all throughout the map. Meaning if they immediately work on a generator they will see an immediate and sudden crawl.

    Combine that with Dying Light, Thanatophobia, Ruin and Pop Goes The Weasel and you basically have a Freddy build that is a nightmare to any survivor who will stick themselves onto generators for the entirity of the game.

    This is one of the most common Freddy builds because of how much it slows down generator repair. I don't personally use it myself as I like to play based around the chase and how fast I can down survivors before they finish doing generators. Keeping the pressure going by continuously having one person on the hook at all times. You will be surprised how altruistic some people can get and how they often forget that if they unhook near me in a dream, they don't have Borrowed Time. Making it easy for you to farm survivors who unfortunately got unhooked by a clueless teammate.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself, lets talk about the build I use for Freddy which has worked for me consistently in Red Ranks.

    You are all my children now!

    Alright, let me explain why this is a build that works for me and why I choose the perks I chose:

    BBQ and Chili is an absolute necessity for Freddy in my opinion, as that allows you to instantly get into another chase if you see the auras of survivors working on a generator that is far away from you. WIth his teleport ability he can hook someone and then immediately run into another chase which could result in an easy hook if you manage to catch them quick enough.

    Brutal Strength is both for breaking generators and pallets quicker, obviously. But the reason I have it is because I want to have as little time not chasing someone as possible. This perk along with BBQ and PGTW (more on that later) has great synergy to work well and keep generators at low completion without the need of Hex: Ruin.

    Save the Best for Last is one of the best perks in the game purely because it encourages you to ignore your obsession in favour of lower cooldown on successful hits. STBFL can make unsafe unhooks turn into two hooks in your favour. You should still hit your obsession once if you see them healthy though, keep them busy and healing while not doing generators. You can gain those two stacks back by ravaging the rest of the survivors.

    Pop Goes The Weasel is in my opinion one of the better generator slowdown perks. It takes away a whopping 20 seconds of generator time. That's 25% of 100% of the generator. Making it powerful for generators that are about to be done. And this is why I think BBQ, PGTW and Brutal Strength synergizes so well with Freddy's teleportation abilities.

    Normally, if you see a survivor working on a faraway generator, you can't defend it before it is popping and fixed. But with Freddy you can. With BBQ you can see which generators survivors are working at and whether or not they're stacking on it, you can teleport to there and immediately make them lose 20 seconds worth of progress by using PGTW and also do it fast with Brutal Strength. It's one of the most devastating combos I've found on Freddy and it's brilliant.

    Take my build as you like and replicate it, I would recommend getting Blindness addons as Red Ranks is full of Survivors with Object of Obsession and OoO absolutely kills Freddy. Because he has no Terror Radius, which means Survivors can see where you're coming from at all times.

    all shall fall to his claws

    In conclusion, Freddy after he is reworked is one of the most powerful killers in the game. With his ability to teleport to any generator at will, he has the potential to put pressure on the entire map. With how devastating his slowdown can be to survivors, waking up may be the only option. But even then, they will be wasting time they don't have not working on generators. The key to playing Freddy effectively is to win chases with your snares and pallets and slow the game down as much as you possibly can.

    While Freddy has the ability to teleport, during a chase he is still an M1 killer and his powers doesn't necessarily correlate to him being able hurt anyone effectively. You still need to manually swing and hit them with your claws to do that. Which, I am perfectly fine with.

    As long as Freddy is this powerful and wonderful, he will be my Killer of choice over everyone else.

    Hope that was useful for you and hope to see you in the fog!