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How Do You Play The Shack As Killer?


I guess I should be embarrassed for asking since I've played this for over a year now but I finally realized that I don't know how to play the Shack correctly.

So I'm playing Clown and I know that every Killer has their own way of dealing with the Shack but I don't know the proper way to do it as Clown, and this is when the pallet is gone mind you and I struggle hard, like can't ever get downs at the Shack until they leave bad.

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  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,223

    If I think I can get the pallet dropped quickly I will chase at shack. Otherwise I try to avoid it when I can. Even if you know how to run it, if the survivor does too they kind of have the advantage as long as the pallet is there.

    I've only recently started to play Clown so I couldn't tell you the best way to do it with him. What I'll do though is toss a bottle on the inside to force a slow vault or a pallet drop, but it doesn't always work.

  • EldritchElise87
    EldritchElise87 Member Posts: 626

    utterly depends on the survivors. Are they going to the windows and doubling back, can I get them to drop the pallet.

    Really I have found there isnt a right way to run it, other than not mindlessly chasing through it, just hug the walls tight, hide the stain to the side and try and judge what that paticular survivor is doling,

  • Mister_xD
    Mister_xD Member Posts: 7,669

    mindgame the window.

    thats like the only mindgame you can do.

    vault it when they run around - if they didnt see it its a free hit / possible pallet drop. if they expected it (which should be the case), vault it again. they usually dont see it comming when you are suddenly outside of the shack again. idk if its due to their camera angle or sthg, but they usually run straight into me.

    if they however will just not fall for the mindgame, drop the chase. taking that loop can cost you the game.

  • MegMain98
    MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,905

    Sometimes I play shack great and sometimes I play it terribly. I try to get the pallet down ASAP, I will never respect the shack needs to go as soon as I can get it down.

    Certain killers have different ways of playing shack. Huntress is the master of playing shack. Demogorgon is pretty great as well. Hag and Trapper can just trap it to all hell. Clown can throw his bottles. Spirit and Nurse just don’t care, you’re dead either way. Every other killer basically has to moonwalk and hide their red stain and hope to catch the survivor off guard.

  • katoptris
    katoptris Member Posts: 3,013

    If you can hit the ceiling with the bottle you can spread the gas that how basically I do it.

  • HatCreature
    HatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I'm trying to visualize this, so someone comes in from the top left and I'm behind them but not close enough yet and they go for the window, I'm guessing I go through the window too and follow them back to the door. From here I'm assuming I follow them and peak into the shack to see if they're looking behind them, if they aren't I moonwalk back outside towards the window to get a hit. If they are looking behind them, I keep chasing? From there maybe they'll go through the window again as I've had happen, and I guess I keep following them?

    My first instinct if they're looking behind them is to fake them out by making them think I'm stupid and moonwalk back out of the room as if I'm going towards the window from outside but then moonwalk back through the door to catch them off guard. Might not work as that's pretty silly, a lot of the mindgames I try just don't work lol

    One thing I notice I have a problem with at the shack is when they don't do the window loop but the much longer loop on the other side. Now I know for a fact it's longer so I should get a hit but what happens is that when they take that longer loop it is always when I am further behind them when I should be which guarantees I don't catch up fast enough to get the hit despite the length of the loop. At that point I just don't know what to do, I guess force them to take the window?