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Withering Blight event + rift


I was wondering if we would still be able to earn the putrid serum from the rift even after the withering blight event ends. I won't be able to get all vials before it ends to get the blight outfits so I was curious. If we can that would be nice because I can take my time getting the BIOS and not having to rush for them.

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  • Bludge23
    Bludge23 Member Posts: 234

    Thank you

  • LocoP420
    LocoP420 Member Posts: 2

    has anyone else had any issues with the killer portion of the challenges for the rift I keep doing what it's asking me for as far as damaging generators and there's nothing counting towards those achievements it just keep saying zero out of six damage generators and I clearly have damaged more than that in a single trial is it just me or is this going on for everyone else

  • FireHazard
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    Yes, you can. It'll last for 59 days as Avocet said. In 59 days that specific Rift will close and you'll have 2 weeks after to spend your serums wisely!