Will charms be on sale on the store?


Items from the rift will come in the future to the store, but what about charms?

If soo will there be anything exclusive in this game anymore?


  • ProfoundEnding
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    I wondered this myself. Not sure if it was ever confirmed. @Peanits or @not_Queen can either of you say anything about this?

  • Thatbrownmonster
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    During the roadmap they confirmed one of the exclusives isn't going out for everyone since people actually spent money to get it… but what about rift charms? People paid to be able to have them as well as skins

  • PigNRun
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    A posted by Peanits/some guy some days ago stated that Charms will remain exclusive to Rifts/Archives.

  • xXNurseXx
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    im pretty sure they will stay exclusive until some ppl will lose them due a bug an devs will give them than to free for everyone (just like the other event skins now).

    so don´t worry if you dont finish level 70 in the rift, you´ll get all the charms in the next couple of months.

  • GodHelios270pro
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    They said REWARDS will eventually return so this is including outfits and charms