Ciphers, Whispers and Spirit scratch cosmetic - All connected?

Olising Member Posts: 37

So, for a long time now the ciphers provided in the 1st anniversary event back in 2017 on the marked weapons for Trapper, Wraith, Billy and Nurse all have the same cipher on them as well as on the Odd Stamp Map item addon has bugged me, as their meaning has never truly been found. Some people on here and reddit seem to think they have cracked it by putting things into google translate etc. however their answers were all slightly vague and made little sense. I dont believe this cipher has been solved and I just want to know what it is.

From the descriptions on the weapons the cipher is said to be a "whisper" in the "wielder's mind". This is most likely a whisper from the entity.

Now note that in the past M. Cote mentioned that he has heard the entity's language out loud. The only place in-game with an audible "language" of sorts which we can confirm is from the entity is from the perk "Whispers" (coincidentally, as the weapon descriptions note the cipher as a "whisper"). The perk "Whispers" description says you "hear the Entity's whisper". I have tried listening to the sound file for the whispers perk as well as trying to edit pitch, speed and reversing it however I have not as of yet found anything distinct that I can hear.

Finally, the Spirit has a cosmetic called "Dark Manifest" which features markings written/scratched all over her body. I feel like I remember someone in a dev stream back when these cosmetics were released mentioning that the scratches were of the entity's language (I cannot confirm if this was actually said), The outfit's weapon has the following description:

"The blade is engraved with secrets in a language unknown to you. But if you come closer..."

This makes me believe the engraved lettering on the weapon as well as on the head and torso of the spirit are actual letters from the entity's language, and that cracking this language, especially the writing on the blade (as it must be in an order unlike the seemingly scattered letters all over the spirit's body) will reveal more "secrets" about the entity itself.

finally, the description for the outfit set as a whole is what makes me link the Ciphers, Whispers and this cosmetic outfit together as it reads:

"The night whispers in your ears as you feel claws grazing you skin. Bear the markings of evil."

The continued use of the word whispers in descriptions from all these cosmetics and the perk linking it to the entity's spoken and written language makes me believe they are all linked. I am currently trying to investigate more into this to unlock the secrets of the entity's realm.

If you have any useful information or any opinions or views on this I would love to hear them. I hope one day we will be enlightened with the meaning of these cryptic messages and the secrets currently held by the entity and its realm.