What inspired your name (in game/forum name)

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My psn (TreemanXD) was something I thought up after learning about Epidermodysplasia verruciformid (Treeman syndrome) and the “XD” was added because just “Treeman” was taken.



  • Awakey
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    My forum name is my Xbox name.

    My dad played the original Xbox and I got stuck with this. I'm not paying 10 bucks to change it.

  • xCarrie
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    Carrie because it’s my name and “x“ because i’m easily scared so when you say xcarrie quickly it sounds like “scary.” :o

  • YaiPa
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    DiPa is the nickname my friends like to call me, while the Ya comes from when Kanye West was about to drop the album Yandhi, so I did a kinda mash-up.

  • Deadeye
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    Deadeye comes from the good ol' Diablo. Captain Deadeye was a skeleton champion running around in the dungeons. Got that name on twitch as well, often my game accounts are named Malachai, which comes from the game Requiem, where you play an avenging angel

  • Lofepramine
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    Simply an antidepressant. No ad intended.

  • ABannedCat
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    My forum name is a secret.

    But my in-game generally varies from day to day. I usually name myself according to my mood. Like food, colour, animals, human names, et cetera et cetera. Sometimes people commend on my names too, if it fits my playstyle. Like the other day, I named myself "gg piece of #########", and people were asking if I am an Otzdarva fan.

  • Stevo
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    My name here is actually based on my Surname and used a lot more frequently in games nowadays (Stevo / StevoTheTroll / StevoTheTrolll <twitch name was taken, used 3 L’s instead>, I was dubbed the troll by a lot of friends in my teens and it just sorta stuck), though I can’t quite remember why 9 year old me thought my PSN (crack_it_up-94) was a good name. 1994 isn’t even my year of birth nor anyone in my immediate family lol. I got nothing for that one.

  • oxygen
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    My Steam name changes quite often.

    My name here... well, it was pretty much picked just because I thought it'd fit the Stridor icon and I couldn't come up with anything else 😄

  • MerGirl2003
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    My forum name comes from a mix of Mermaid and Girl, and 2003 is the year I was born, my Psn name used to be the same but I've since changed it to "BlendyTheHealbot", Blendy as in "Blendette" as I am a Claudette main(I don't actually play like a Blendette though so I don't really know what I was thinking) and Healbot cause I often like running healing builds. I'm thinking of changing it again though, cause I'm not so sure I want people to think I'm a Blendette.

  • Acesthetiic
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    Acesthetiic = Aesthetic. Credit to my sister!

  • PigMainClaudette
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    One of my younger brothers came up with my Xbox gamertag, which I will leave out of the forums.

    As for my forum name, I wanted it to be different to my Xbox name. I main Claudette, because I originally ran her for Self Care back in Rank 16 (don't hate me, it was ages ago. Nobody heals in that low a rank.) and Pig because I like to torture people, rather than outright kill them and I'm a SAW fanatic.

    Therefore, PigMainClaudette. Also, Pig first sounds way better than ClaudetteMainPig.

  • OMagic_ManO
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    If you read my forum name, that's why and how I got the inspiration.

    My PSN is o0Magic_Man0o_

    How I got that name? I got it off of a joke I made about Magic Mike XXL, that movie, I twisted the name to Magic Man cause it sounded cool and it was a easy name to call me, so everyone calls me by my full psn name or "Magic".

    @Mushwin calls me Magic Mike, she guessed it.

  • Mister_Holdout
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    Fallout: New Vegas fans should know.

  • Inji
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    People couldnt pronounce my dutch name so I made an alias that kinda sounds the same.

  • smappdooda
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    It's my "magic word" and website. (one of my many occupations is professional magician)

  • QsKaa
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    My name is from team I was in 2008-9 Quick Shoots rebranding to MyM and merged with Vitronik

    we dominated the scene along with Wickeds then Vitronik (and yes I was kicked) -.-

    So for legacy I switched my name to "Qs" but in my freaking country letter T between the Q and S will make ANOTHER word so i had to swich once again. Back then I was watching American Pie when someone was Foving a.. goat SO i put The Kaa in my name. QsKaa is easier to read than Kuzkaay and is prettier.

    You Should hear how people from discord trying to pronounce my name :D

  • prismalorg
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    Simply enough, its a track; INFEKT - Prismalorg (not a very good track in my opinion anymore, however, a riddim classic (if you're into the genre))

  • EnderloganYT
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    same as PSN name, made because I liked minecraft a tad too much at the time and it stuck with me oof

  • VolantConch1719
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    Given to me by Xbox Live, stuck ever since.

  • Elk
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    From a PS2 video game i liked a lot at the time. Still one of my favorites. It is (Dot) HACK

  • NuclearBurrito
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  • Aztreonam78
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    Aztreonam is the name of some antibiotic.

    My in-game name is Benedict Camperbatch, I love Sherlock.

  • KillermainBTWm8
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    Stereotypes, and probably "unprofessional" intent if I was to guess was my inspiration.

    CLAUDETTEINABUSH Member Posts: 2,210

    For my forum name,I wanted something unique. When I first started playing survivor I was always playing Claudette and the second I heard the heartbeat I would always hide in a bush. So I decided it was the perfect name.

  • MrsGhostface
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    They’re pretty much the same on both, and it’s because I kink Ghost Face, just gonna be real. I actually changed my username this week, before my PS4 username was ChokeMeGhostFace LOL.

  • bomb1720
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    my name is my psn name too. it's part of my real name and my bf name tom. sounds like bomb. i'm from uk and i've heard people in the usa say da bomb. we're da bomb, so that is how i came up with mine 😃💣️

  • LaraVermillion
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    LaraVermillion is my gaming tag for over 10 years now.

    Lara is my first name and Vermillion was, back in the day, my favourite Slipknot song :D Fun fact: Somewhere in Missouri lives a CEO that is really called Lara Vermillion. Wonder if she knows about me and my gaming history whenever she googles her own name 😂

  • AshleyWB
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    My forum name is also my Xbox name. Nothing inspired my username hence why it's my real life name followed by my initials. Only zoomers try to make it hip, we millennials are more cultured.

  • Hoodied
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    I like hoodies

  • Bigbootiejudy666
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    I got a flat ass soooooooo

  • 2LuvRias
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    For my Xbox Gamertag.... Well I'd prefer to not give the exact GT out but I'm clearly a Pulp Fiction Fan

    And my name on here from NOOB3

  • Gravewalker200
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    My name comes from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor cause I played the game til 100% and orcs called the character The Gravewalker since he comes back from the dead. I eventually just used that for my Minecraft account and it stuck. It has variations such as the preferred Gravewalker200 and if it's taken I'd slap a 5 on there and didn't care until it hit me that it ironically happened to be my birth year.

  • SanityNight
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    It's my PlayStation name

  • Akarate_Dolphin
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    A Dolphin that was skilled in Karate

  • Ihatelife
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    People and... 😂

  • Feyd
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    I've been using this handle for a few years now. It's gender neutral and. Makes it easier to avoid any comments about it. The name is from an elven rogue warlord from the card game Warlords.

  • Watery
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    My old Xbox username.

    It was WaterySpore for the longest time, so then I settled for just “Watery”.

    Haven’t looked back since.

  • VoodooChild
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  • danielbird11
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    My user name is Danielbird11 because Daniel is my first name. And bird is the second part because I work at a voluntary wildlife shelter in Australia. Also the 11 is because that was my age when I made up the user name. I am now 15.

  • Infinity_Bored
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Demogordon_Ramsay
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    A streamer I watch calls Demogorgon “Gordon”. The rest is history.

  • ZerLukas
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    My original nickname here was SerLukas which is shortened from my real first and last name. I forgot the password for that one and made another one with one letter changed.

    My Steam username is DrunkZombie. It used to be SleepyZombie because I didn't get enough sleep at the time and felt like a zombie. It got better and I began drinking a little more so I changed it to DrunkZombie.

    I'll probably change it back to SleepyZombie soon beacuse I have a bit of sleeping problem again but I also drink less now.

  • Raven014
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    Mine is a shortening of my Xbox Gamertag: Ravenpaw14

    That name has a long history and one I don't want to bore you all with.

  • feechima
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    Wanted something unique and all names I chose on twitch were taken. My name used to be nudjinneration but no one could pronounce it. New generation. Also people mostly call me Fee or my Xbox name Jupiter which was assigned to me back with the 360.

  • H4l0R34ch4r0und
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    My name I just randomly thought of it ,and now it just stuck with me

  • Dr_Loomis
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    I love the Loomis character.

  • Sad_Towel
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    Cool math gave me akward towel once and when I began playing Among Us I couldn't fit the akward part and sad was next best. :)

  • Hoodied
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