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Do you ban people for being racist in post game chat?

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So, just had a match, and in the post game chat the survivors were incredibly salty and mad that I killed them, and they started saying a bunch of awful racist things. I told them I was going to report and they basically said "it doesn't matter, my friend said the n-word 2 weeks ago and they're still playing." So I'm including some screen shots of the conversation. I obviously reported them in game but now I'm concerned that BHVR doesn't ACTUALLY do anything to these people. I'm not saying they all need to be immediately perma-banned but they should at least get a mini-few day ban for the first incident and then if they continue, something harsher, and if they don't learn, THEN they SHOULD be perma-banned. This community is toxic enough WITHOUT racism/homophobia/ableism/whatever on top of it.

I am yellow and each other person is a different color. I have their Steam profile links too if any devs want them. This is crazy. This isn't okay and BHVR needs to do something about it rather than be complicit in letting it continue. Also, red has multiple VAC bans on their record so there's that.

I have all their profile links saved if they are needed by a dev/mod.

Oh and for the sake of background, this match was on the Macmilan map that is kind of shaped like an H. One of their players was on one side and the other 3 were on the other, so I stayed on the side with the 3 basically all match and went after them and downed and hooked them. They were mad I didn't leave them and go to the other side of the map to attack the 4th survivors even though all 3 of the other ones were in the same area and I kept finding them.

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  • Mandy
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    IF you've reported in game, the chat logs will be kept and reviewed - I'd also advise sending a Support Ticket with the relevant information

    But the in game report must have been made otherwise there's nothing we can do.

  • Fibijean
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    The devs absolutely look at all the reports, and take things like racist slurs incredibly seriously. In my opinion, although I'm not a dev, the stuff in that chat was worth punishing and I suspect the team would agree.

    Reporting them in post-game chat is the first step, so it's good that you did that. The next step is to send those screenshots you posted here to the team via a Support Ticket - the original, uncensored versions if you have them (although it's good that you censored them for the forums). Contact Support here and submit a ticket under "Additional Player Report Information".

    Sending the profile links in the ticket as well couldn't hurt either.

    You can find more information about bannable offences and how to report them correctly here:

    EDIT: Mandy beat me to it! But yes, point still stands - submitting a Support Ticket like she suggested will definitely help.