So hard to find a killer Match on Switch


I mean I like playing survivor, but I wanna do some killing days. Lol


  • SleepyWillo
    SleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,197

    I have long queue times for both sides. I find that time of day can be a factor though.

  • crunchyotaku83
    crunchyotaku83 Member Posts: 19

    Hm I can find survivor matches in 2 mins or so. Lol I tried 30 mins to try out oni n nope I gave up n reduced up as a survivor. It's not the game is dead at least.

  • Kaiser_Emotion
    Kaiser_Emotion Member Posts: 52

    Weird normally i find killer games instantly but survivor games take a few minutes. Might just be cause i play late at night or early day