NEW CHAPTER: Freak of Nature

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yeah this is now gone

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    My friend and I love the game and came up with characters and possible concepts in the middle of AP Language (help us), so they may not be fully polished. As a result, tell us what is good, and what needs to be changed (i.e. which character you liked/disliked, which perks were liked/disliked, etc.) Thank you!

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    No, this is garbage

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    This seems very promising. Though some friendly critique... On the perks - Blood Blocker seems like a smaller version of Borrowed time. And Seclusion seems like a very good perk, but if you leave repair in the perk it may be seen as too powerful to some. With the best toolboxes and addons the most people normally gain for repair is 9% max. So you could possibly alter it to where the max increase is 9% or leave it the same and just take repair out.

    Hope this helps some, but I do like this idea!