What is your dream in life?

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I was just thinking about this topic and got curious what others would say. Me personally, my dream is to find myself a loving husband and become a father. Not the most ambitious dream but eh, everyone is different. <3


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    That's a spectacular dream, brother!

    As for my dream... I'm not sure. I'd like to meet a nice woman one day that I love, and we build a nice, stable life. Once we're settled, I think I'd be ready to have me some mini-Tanners running around!

    As for a career, I'd love to be a writer/director. I don't even want the fame, I just love telling stories, and I always have! However it's very unlikely to happen but its stillca sweet dream nonetheless!

  • Awakey
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    The kind of career I'm looking at isn't kind to relationships. If I do emergency medicine, I'll be up at the crack of dawn and home well into the night. But I'll be saving lives.

    I guess that's my dream.

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    My goals are to find a good career I enjoy and continue transitioning into womanhood.

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    Make sure you take advantage of professional career services. They can help you explore careers, and even help you with networking.

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    To be honest my dream is to find one. It might be a bit sad said like this, but I really want to find something (or someone after all) that really peaks my interest and makes me want to work the hardest to get it.

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    To be successful

  • creeping_death
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    explore space in my lifetime

  • GRT_Alkaline
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    I would have to say that i have 2 variants of my dream life personal and career.

    Personal: to be honest my personal dream in life is to actually find peace and happiness, and i know that sounds kinda corny but with me dealing with depression and being miserable for the past 20 years or so the thought of one day that i will be in a place where i can be completely happy and never have to deal with the depression, that would be a dream come true.

    Career: I have always wanted to be a director and i have made a few films along with friends, nothing big just stuff myself and my friends have written and I've also worked with the local internet tv station and i do YouTube so i can keep my editing techniques evolving, so that one day i could get a film into a festival or something...

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    Game development, this game brought me into balancing and design ideas due to the good design of the game and the poor balancing